How to Dehydrate Food
The Top 20 Topics
over 225 Questions Answered

How to

The Top 20 Topics
over 225 Questions

Welcome to How to Dehydrate Food!

Inside, you'll see the Top 20 Topics with over 225 of your questions answered!

Ever wondered about the safest way to dehydrate food? Read this Q & A book before investing in a dehydrator. Once you know the ins-and-outs of dehydrating, you can make that educated decision. You’ll be good to go!

Top 20 Topics! How to Dehydrate Food

Top 20 Topics!
How to Dehydrate Food

Susan created this eBook because she became inundated with questions from the readers of her Easy Food Dehydrating website. 

Nesco food dehydrator tray

She posted answers to their questions pretty much on a daily basis. This posed an unforeseen problem. Readers didn’t have time to read each and every random post, clicking back and forth every other day to learn the answers to other people's interesting questions.

To remedy that issue, this eBook was born.

If you want to know if you can dehydrate eggs, or what blanching food means, get this book.

If you have questions about oxygen absorbers, like, “What are they?” and “How do they work,” again, get this book!

A categorized list of questions, topic-wise, are shown below.

How to Dehydrate Food (Top 20 Topics) covers:

How to Dehydrate Food
(Top 20 Topics) covers:

• Eggs
• Mylar bags
• Conditioning food
• Herbs
• Pet food
• Plastic wrap and parchment paper
• Storing wheat, flour – dry goods
• Blanching food
• Lemon juice use
• Snack food
• Re-hydrating food
• Pre-made food dehydration/storage
• Vacuum sealers and bags
• How long will it last?
• Dehydrating meat
• Oxygen packs
• Dehydrator questions
• Dehydrating fruit
• Dehydrating vegetables
• Why do all this?

It’s time to do all his NOW because you need to have enough food on hand—as there’s no such thing as being overly-prepared! Don’t let a national disaster leave you and your family hungry.

With enough food on hand to feed your family, you are better prepared to help your neighbors too. Have you signed up for Susan's free eBook? Opt in below and get your copy today! Susan will gladly send you her free eBook and you'll also receive—for free!—her special seven part mini-series on how to dehydrate food.

If you want to know much more about how to safely dehydrate food in the comfort of your own home, take a look at Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage. ALL of Susan's books are available on Amazon. The largest bookstore on planet earth.

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