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Adult and
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This is the hub page for
Adult and Kids Coloring Books!

This is the hub page
for Adult and Kids
Coloring Books!

Don't you wish it was Halloween all year round? Yeah, I know - too much to ask for. There's nothing like that Ghoulish spirit to make you feel excited.

When you get a moment between buying scary masks and Halloween outfits: put your feet up and take a breather. Try your hand at coloring in one (or all!) of the coloring books below.

Thanks for visiting - no matter what time of year!

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Frightfully Fun Halloween coloring book cover
Trick -or- Color Halloween coloring book cover
Pumpkin Patch Halloween coloring book cover

Enjoy this trio of Halloween coloring books - for young and old alike. Featuring ghosts in graveyards, spooky cats, and witches - these books provide hours of coloring fun!

66 Days to Sobriety Color Your Quips! ~ Inspirational Journal

66 Days to Sobriety Color Your Quips cover

If you've quit drinking and want to use your ex-drinking hand for better purposes than holding a glass of booze, then color away your angst with Susan's "66 Days to Sobriety," where you'll color your quips! It's an inspirational journal.

Coloring Books for Adults ~ Bring out the Kid in You!

Adult Coloring Book cover - relax and be a kid again

For adults who just want to be a kid again: Bored Boomers new Adult Coloring Book. Nope, it doesn't contain "nudes."

It has fun simple pages (and some complex ones) to color. Use colored pencils as they're great for blending colors versus felt-tip colored pens that bleed through pages and ruin everything! Speaking of, there is a pencil color tester page included.

Blue Leaf gif

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