40 Christmas CODE WORD Puzzles

40 Christmas

Welcome to 40 Christmas Code Word Puzzles!

It's that wonderful, festive time of year. Joy to all and peace on earth.

This code word puzzle book contains “Christmas Carols” to “US States with Most Snow”, guaranteed fun for you and your family with our themed puzzles.

We’ve included hints to help you get going. Our solutions also include the list of the words used in each puzzle.

It's time to get into the holiday spirit, folks!

Christmas Tree

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Get in the
Holiday Spirit

 40 Christmas Code Word Puzzles
await your puzzle-solving skills!

 40 Christmas
Code Word Puzzles
await your
puzzle-solving skills!

40 Christmas Code Word Puzzles
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Themed Code Word Puzzles

Our 40 Christmas Code Word Puzzles await your puzzle-solving skills!

From "Christmas Travel Destinations" to "Christmas Gift Basket Ideas," enjoy solving our Christmas themed code word puzzles. Don't forget, we've included hints on each puzzle's page to help get you started.

Please note I also decorated the puzzles with gifts and baubles!

Here are the 40 Themes!

Here are the
40 Themes!

Towns Akin to the North Pole
Christmas Carols
On the Christmas Dinner Table
Christmas Travel Destinations
Christmas Gift Basket Ideas
Christmas Worship Songs
Christmas Beverages
Outdoor Fun
Christmas Gifts for Pets
Towns to Visit for Chocolate
Savory Recipes
People Born on Christmas Day
US States with Most Snow
Christmas Traditions
Plants and Flowers
Men with First Name 'Chris'
Around the Fireplace
Make a Stocking
Gifts for Girls
Christmas Movies

Twelve Days of Christmas
'Dear Santa' List
Gifts for Toddlers
Top 20 Reindeer Names
Gifts for Mom
Fruitcake Ingredients
Sunny Christmas Spots
Top Christmas Elf Names
Stuff To Do on Christmas Eve
Ski Resorts
Games Played at Christmas
'Classic' Toys and Gifts
All About the Tree
Inexpensive Gift Ideas
Just Desserts
Gifts for Dad
Roast Turkey Ingredients
Christmas Crooners of Yore
Perennial Gift Favorites
Gifts for Boys

Christmas Tree

Are these puzzles themed?

Yes, we’ve got 40 themed-puzzles, ready for you to solve!Answer

Are these like decoder word puzzles?

Yes, these are not your common crossword puzzles. They are coded. You substitute the numbers for letters. If you decide that number 12 is an "E", you add the "E" to all other squares in the puzzle that contains the number 12.

Book size is 8” x 10” so you won’t easily lose it!

While you get one for yourself, don’t forget your friends who’d love their own copy too.

Christmas Tree

Our solutions also include the list of the words used in each puzzle.
Don't forget to use our "cut-out bookmark" at the back of the book ~ no more dog-eared pages...

Brought to you by the elves and the worker-bees over at Beesville Books.
Wishing you a happy, safe, and wonderful holiday!

Christmas Tree
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