Arrow Word Puzzles
Clues are in the squares!

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Clues are in
the squares!

Welcome to Arrow Word Puzzles!

40 Arrow Word Puzzles

Arrow Word puzzles are like crosswords~ with a twist!

These special puzzles are like Crosswords—but with a twist—the succinct clues take over the traditional ‘black squares’ in these  puzzles!

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Arrow Word puzzle example

Above is an example of just what these puzzles look like. With the clues being directly on the puzzle, it enables you to keep your eye on the arrow word puzzle directly without having to go back and forth to the clues.

These intriguing puzzles are very popular overseas… and we can see why!

We’ve included different-sized arrow word puzzles to keep you even more entertained. Makes a splendid gift any time of the year.

Don’t forget to use our “cut-out bookmark” at the back of the book ~ no more dog-eared pages…

Brought to you by the worker-bees over at Beesville Books.

~ want something a little LESS challenging? ~

Even though I love a challenge, sometimes our brain needs to have something a little easier to work on, right? So I turn to my old stand-bys: A-Z Easy Word Search puzzle books (see the five covers, after the next headline).

Word Search puzzles are great for adults. And kids!

For seniors, (I'm getting up there too, now!) consider getting these handy books. These are 7" x 10" and can fit in a decent-sized purse for traveling. Keeping our minds active pays off. You don't want to get a mushy brain...

Keep your Brain Busy with A-Z Easy
Word Search Puzzles – Vols. 1 through 5

Try our A-Z Easy Word Search Puzzles! Read more about them on our site, HERE. Or click on the images to go buy them on Amazon, thanks. Each of the five books shown below contain 26 puzzles... and their solutions, of course!

Each puzzle has its own page, so they're not all crammed together. Makes it much easier for you to solve.

A-Z Easy Word Search Puzzles. Vol 1.
A-Z Easy Word Search Puzzles. Vol 2.
A-Z Easy Word Search Puzzles. Vol 3.
A-Z Easy Word Search Puzzles. Vol 4.
A-Z Easy Word Search Puzzles. Vol 5.

Something EXTRA special for kids...

On the other end of the age spectrum, kids love solving word search puzzles too! It's a great way for them to learn how to spell words, right?

I also have some special word search for kids on the site. They are the Shapely Word Search puzzles, but for kids! What better way to hunt for words, but in shapes of cars, churches, fish, leaves, and apples... to name a few. I've also got a kiddie word search puzzle book that ALSO contains the word definitions. Talk about a triple whammy! Search, learn how to spell, and see what the word means, too.

Check out the 36 Shapely Word Search Puzzles HERE or click the beige or blue covers below.

Check out the Word Search with Definitions HERE or click the yellow cover below.



36 Shapely Word Search Puzzles for kids - Vol 1
36 Shapely Word Search Puzzles for kids - Vol 2
Word Search puzzles with definitions, fo kids

Message from Susan about solving puzzles:

“I absolutely LOVE puzzles. Every night I solve a puzzle or two before turning out the light. Funny thing is: it relaxes me. You'd think solving puzzles would keep you awake, right?!”

Susan adds, "For instance, the arrow word puzzles at the top of this page. They are completely different. I find them to be quite intriguing. I wish you hours of puzzle-solving fun, too!"