Hi there! Welcome to my About page.

I moved from the United Kingdom back in 1980 with my family. I left behind three farms and a British way of life. Tea and crumpets, and all that good stuff.

Susan Gast

I live in sunny central Florida with my ever-so-patient husband. Between 1980 and 1990, I worked for a local weekly shopper (putting it all together) and changed jobs to work in a print shop and got into graphic arts. A decade later, I was involved in Mechanical Engineering (thanks Bro!) for a decade.

Since 2010, it seems I'm glued to this chair, staring at multiple computer screens, and going cross-eyed in the process.

Why? Well, it all started with my desire to have my own website! My host is the best: Solo Build It!, (formerly named SBI). I love the thrill of setting websites up. Then comes the hard work. Making them pay for themselves!

For those of us on the shy side, having a website is the perfect vehicle to get yourself out into the world. It's a massive calling-card. Even so, you have to promote. As much as I'm against (read: don't like) all the social platforms, they have made themselves a necessary evil. I've had to resort to spreading the word mostly via Facebook. To sell my books directly, I use Amazon AMS ads and social media.

Since 2010, I've been creating books. Lots of them. Did I say I enjoy creating things? Ha! I dedicate this website to the books (not all!) that I have available at Amazon.com under Author Susan Gast.

more about this ABOUT page...

It's probably the second-most visited page on someone's site. Why is that? It's human nature to be curious about who's behind the site. I know I always check out someone's 'about' page. Yeah, call me nosy, if you want. I'm always intrigued to learn where they came from, and what inspired the site.

This is the page where I'm supposed to list all the great things I've done and who I've done them with, and so on and so forth. I'm sorry to disappoint you! I've nothing so glamorous to share. When you get to my age, you realize you are who you are and that's it. I am who I am. I've not done anything super famous, nor do I wish to be super famous. (I achieved that goal!) LOL.

It takes time to figure out who you are, IMHO. That comes with age and experience. What was so important in your twenties and thirties seems so trivial when you reach retirement age in your sixties.

Branching Out Into Audio Books

I'm very proud to announce my very first Audio Book. It's called, "You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to."

Yes, it's about quitting the booze. I haven't touched a drop since January 17, 1998 and this Audio Book (and related eBooks and Paperbacks in the 'Sobriety Help menu) covers the topic in detail. I'm here for ya!

Also, here's my second Audio Book about how to store food for long-term safe storage: Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage

You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to on Audible
Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage on Audible

I had a total blast making the audio books. If creating your own audio book is something you'd like to tackle too, consider taking Derek Doepker's course called 'Audiobooks Made Easy.'

It's actually the first course I've ever TOTALLY completed from start to finish!

For a limited time, Derek's offering 20% off the entire course... here's your link to go check it out.

Of course I'm an affiliate! This program helped me produce my first 6 hour and 28 minute Audio Book—correctly—FIRST TIME OUT THE GATE! Without Derek's course, I would have been clueless about:

  • what settings to use while recording
  • how to set up a recording booth
  • where best to sell the finished products
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  • what settings to use while recording
  • how to set up a recording booth
  • where best to sell the finished products
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Save the stress, time, and hassle and do it right, the first time... Thanks to Derek!

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If you purchase this course through Susan's link, it means Susan will receive a commission. It helps me keep the lights on!

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