About Susan Gast and Her Love of
Creating and Marketing Books!

About Susan Gast
and Her Love of
Creating and
Marketing Books!

Welcome to my About page.

Welcome to my
About page.


Welcome to this special page! I'm Susan Gast, an author with a passion for creating and marketing books. Allow me to take you through my journey.

Originally from the United Kingdom, my family and I moved to the USA in 1980, leaving behind a farm-filled life and the beloved British customs like tea and crumpets.

Now residing in sunny central Florida, I have found a patient and loving partner in my husband, whom I met in 2000.

Prior to meeting my husband, during the decades of the 1980s and 1990s, I worked in various roles, from putting together a local weekly newspaper shopper to venturing into the world of graphic arts in a print shop.

Junior Mechanical Engineer

Eventually, my path led me to junior mechanical engineering for another decade, where I designed parts for automated assembly indexing machines. And I could not have done it without my brother's help.

It was an enjoyable decade of my life. What is it with me and the decades?

Forex Trading...

One decade I devoted (2000 to 2010) to trading currencies on the Forex market. It's not for the faint of heart. You have to set stops and stick to it. I learned about Key Levels, Moving Averages, and all kinds of good stuff.

Visit ForexMentor for more information. Vic Noble was my coach, tell him Susan sent you! ForexMentor is owned and operated by Peter R. Bain, and they're based in Canada.

Wannabe Website Owner?

Since 2010, my life's been centered around my computer screens, both flat and curved, tall and skinny. I dived into various projects that have kept me tirelessly occupied.

It all started with a desire to create my own website. With Solo Build It! (also known as SBI) as my host, I experienced the thrill of setting up websites. However, the real growth comes from the hard work of making these websites self-sustaining.

In this digital age, having a website is the perfect way for introverts like me to express themselves and connect with the world. It acts as an extensive calling card, although promoting oneself becomes a necessary evil, often relying on social media platforms. While I'm not a fan, I've adapted and spread the word mainly through Facebook and 'X'. To sell my books directly, I utilize Amazon AMS ads and social media (and my websites), constantly exploring new possibilities.

Since 2012, I've been passionately creating and publishing numerous books. It brings me great joy to delve into the realm of creation. On this website, I showcase some of the books I've published and made available on Amazon.com under the name Author Susan Gast.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Alongside my book endeavors, I also ran ePubTechReviews, but I made the decision to transfer the content from that site to this one. The change better aligns with the focus of this author-centered website.

Over the years, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge about self-publishing, books, business, and websites, and I can't resist sharing what works - and what doesn't - in the ever-evolving publishing landscape. Stay tuned for more insights and updates!

More about this ABOUT page...
so you'll know more about it! ;-)
(aka keyword stuffing...)

Now, let's talk about the much-visited "About" page. It's only natural for visitors to be curious about the person behind a website. I, too, find myself drawn to "about" pages, eager to learn about the person's background and the inspiration behind their site.

In this section, I'm expected to list all my achievements and impressive feats, but to be honest, I haven't led an extraordinarily glamorous life, nor do I strive for fame. At my age, I've come to embrace who I am and find contentment in simplicity.

Wisdom comes with age and experience, making the things that once seemed important in our younger years lose their significance as we approach retirement.

Blue Leaf gif

Branching Out Into Audiobooks

Branching out into new territories, I'm delighted to announce my very first audiobook called, "You Can Quit Drinking...if you want to."

Drawing from my personal experience of staying sober since January 17, 1998, this audiobook (along with related eBooks and paperbacks) provides detailed insights into quitting alcohol. I'm here to support and guide you on your journey! Just say the word.

Moreover, I'm thrilled to share my second audiobook, "Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage," which offers essential information on long-term food storage techniques.

Want to Create an Audiobook Too? Here's How:

If you're interested in creating your own audiobook, I highly recommend Derek Doepker's course, "Audiobooks Made Easy." It's the first (and only) course I've completed from start to finish and taught me everything I needed to know about recording settings, setting up a recording booth, and finding the best channels to sell the finished product. Use my affiliate link to get a limited-time 20% discount on the course.

Click Me for 20% OFF!

If you purchase Derek's course through my link, I'll receive a commission that helps me maintain this website and continue providing valuable content.

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything on this site, don't hesitate to reach out. I'll do my best to respond within a day. Feel free to visit the contact page to send me an email.

In Derek's Course, You'll Get ALL the Deets On:

  • What settings to use while recording
  • How to set up a recording booth
  • Where best to sell the finished products

Save the stress, time, and hassle, and do it right, the first time... with Derek!

Audio Books Made Easy logo

Thank you for visiting my About page, and I hope you find my books and the information shared here enjoyable and insightful!

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Susan Gast created this website to showcase her puzzle books and other fiction and non-fiction books she's written and produced since 2012. Read Susan's story here.

Since 1980, Susan's involvement in publishing - in one form or another - led her to create "reviews" of products related to the publishing industry. She realized it was time to explain how she created all those books and got them to market.

Since 2010, Susan has also owned and operated Easy Food Dehydrating where she is featured on the Mother Earth News blog, and on Solo Build It (SBI). Read her first SBI interview and her second SBI interview.

The sites mentioned are hosted by the amazing team at Solo Build It!

Do you want to send Susan a quick message? Visit her contact page here.

She'd love to hear from you!

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