140 Christmas Puzzles

Welcome to 140 Christmas Puzzles!

Treat yourself to our all-new Large Print Christmas Edition book of 140 puzzles.

Reminisce with the Christmas-themed Word Search and Word Scrambles, followed by two Bonus Sections of regular Cryptograms and Letter Falls puzzles!

Don’t be a Bored Boomer this holiday season…

140 Christmas Puzzles
Buy Now on Amazon - 140 Christmas Puzzles

Yes, 140 Christmas Puzzles!

If you want to keep your memory sharp and are resigned to wearing glasses, we’ve got you covered with large print puzzles. No more squinting.

Grab a pencil, find a comfy chair… and have hours of fun solving Word Searches, Word Scrambles, Cryptograms, and Letter Falls!

Tear Out This Page!

At the back of our book, we want you to tear out a page. Why? Because we’ve included four Bored Boomer Bookmarks so you can easily keep track of where you are in the individual sections—so you won’t lose your place! It’s our gift to you.

Free Bookmarks!

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Word Search Sample

In a Word Search puzzle, words are placed within a grid of random letters. The puzzle is centered around a subject and all the words listed below the puzzle relate to the subject.

The words themselves are hidden within the grid and can go in any direction: left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, and diagonally up or down! Happy searching.

Word Scramble Sample

In a Word Scramble puzzle, the letters are placed out of order on purpose. For example, APPLE might be PLEAP. Jot down your letters on the dashed lines. A dash is also allotted for the space between words when more than a single word is used in the puzzle.

Cryptogram Sample

In our Cryptogram puzzles, our quote has its letters substituted with other letters. For example, every A might be a T. Every E might be a W, and so on. The letter substitution is consistent in each puzzle - and each puzzle has a new code. If you love to crack codes, cryptograms are for you! We also include a "hints" page too.

Letter Falls Sample

Buy Now on Amazon - 140 Christmas Puzzles

In a Letter Fall puzzle, the letters used in our puzzle quote (reading left to right) are provided directly below each column. It's your job to decide which of the letters below each column goes directly into the empty boxes of its column above. Not as easy as you may think!

As a side note: all the vertical letters provided in each column have also been scrambled so it's not obvious to the eye. Punctuation has its own square too!

The puzzle book size is 8.5” x 11” so you won’t easily lose it.

While you get one for yourself, don’t forget your friends who’d maybe love their own copy too.

Christmas Tree

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