BOOK review Journal
Read it  •   reviewed it

BOOK review Journal
Read it • reviewed it

Welcome to my Book Review Journal.

This 8" x 10" book is a great way to keep track of the books you've read. Forgot who you borrowed it from? Jot in down in the allotted space. 

And if you borrowed it: When do I need to return it? Again, use the allotted space to note 'when'!

perfect for book reviewers

perfect for
book reviewers

This is such a neat cover; it has the perspective of a book lying on the floor when indeed it's a flat cover! Fooled ya!

my Book Review Journal

Now you can keep ALL Your Reviews of 'books read' in ONE Place!
This special Book Review Journal keeps all your book notes handy in one place and it’s for those of us who keep getting asked, “What book would you recommend I read next?” And lo-and-behold, you forget the title, or the author’s name…

Are you always lending out your books and then forget to whom?
►No worries; we have a check box for that. (And when they returned the book!)

Did you come across an awesome line in the book? Can’t recall quotes to save your life?
►We have an area for those, too.

For fiction fans, did you find characters worth making a note of?
►Yup, we have a special place to jot that down, too!

Let’s Get Going with My Book Review Journal!

The first four pages are blank Table of Contents we’ve called “Your find-it-quick reference” ~ ready for you to add the title of the book you’re reading, or have finished reading. No need to flick through hundreds of pages trying to find “that book.” The find-it-quick reference area makes it easy to locate.

my Book Review Journal lying on a dark wooden coffee table

We’ve included pages for one hundred and twenty books! Yes, 120! Now the fun begins! Read away! And put your review in writing so you don't forget the details.

Book Review Journal is "as handy as heck"!

This book has been as handy as heck for me. I know it will be as “handy as heck” for you too!

Part of my job as indie book author is to review books too. I need somewhere to keep track of what I've read; what did I say in their review? What were the most memorable quotes from their book? Did I like their character portrayals? And there's a place for the plot summary. Why? Quite often, we voracious readers forget a book's plot line!

On a desktop computer, simply click on any of the images below to see them bigger. To exit the 'gallery,' click on the lower right hand 'Close-X' button. (If you're on your cell phone, simply hit the '<' back button to exit the gallery.)

Book Review Journal "find it quick" reference
Book Review Journal inside the book



The "find it quick" reference pages have been a tremendous help. I don't have to flick through page after page to find the book I'd just finished reading and reviewing. It's RIGHT THERE, in the Reference area... along with the associated page number.

Journal Size: 8″ x 10″ so you can put it in your purse,
briefcase, big coat pocket, or—sit it on your nightstand.