A Fortune in Scrap
Secrets of the Scrap Metal Industry

A Fortune
in Scrap
Secrets of
the Scrap Metal

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Welcome to A Fortune in Scrap...

Welcome to
A Fortune in Scrap...

where you'll learn insider secrets of the scrap metal industry.

Do you love a good scrap metal hunt? It pays to know the secrets of this lucrative industry. Look, there’s no point in picking up heavy metal if it’s not worth anything monetarily.

Don’t go breaking your back picking up worthless scrap. It’s time to learn how to source profitable areas where the goodies lie hidden.

Ken discloses his top secrets and tells you why it’s important to know the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This book also includes many charts showing you different sheet steel gauges and weights.

Do you have any non-running cars lying around your property? These are great scrap sources and Ken lists what needs to be removed before it can go to the crusher. Yes, it's not just a case of drag a car and dump it. For proper recycling, it needs a little attention first.

Did you know that generators, transformers, and cables are also significant sources of scrap metal?

Here's yet another source of scrap metal: old fields with abandoned tractors! You never know what you'll find on acreage :-)

See How Thermic Lances Work in A Fortune in Scrap

Ever heard of “thermic lances”? We also know them as Thermal Lances and these heavy-duty torches cut scrap apart like a knife through butter, making for a quick(er) dismantling of the big ships and bridges.

When you enter this highly lucrative field, you can use this knowledge for the safe dismantling of old cranes, factories, etc.

Take advantage of Ken's knowledge of bridges and buildings... all the way to old locomotives and the rails they run on. Although the sleepers the rails sat on were made of wood, these sleepers also got recycled.

It's a Family Affair...

Ken also shares with you his black-and-white photos of buildings being demolished. Old scrap is worth a lot of money and lurks in many places, provided you know where to look!

My brother and I are also "in" the book - I'm standing on top of a bridge right next to a big crane on page 23, wearing a winter coat to ward off the cold wind. My brother is pictured on page 17 at the base of an excavator as he and the crew loaded up scrap into the loader's bucket. He's also on page 38!

Scrap Metal Recycling is Big Business...
Yes, there's a fortune in scrap recycling to be made!

Scrap Metal Recycling
is Big Business...
Yes, there's a
fortune in scrap
recycling to be made!

The information in this book is an example of BIG RECYCLING AKA Reclamation. The recycling of scrap metal is a necessary process—both from an economic and environmental point of view.

Why? Recycling means a reduced demand on the Earth’s natural resources.

Head on over to Amazon.com and pick up a copy of A Fortune in Scrap—Secrets of the Scrap Metal Industry today so you can get going on a profitable hunt tomorrow!

A Fortune In Scrap eBook
Buy Now on Amazon - A Fortune in Scrap eBook
A Fortune In Scrap Paperback
Buy Now on Amazon - A Fortune in Scrap paperback
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Ken's Words of Wisdom

In the introduction, Ken wrote this:

I was stationed in Palestine in 1946 - there was no Israel, and Palestine was a British Protectorate.

In the post-war armed forces environment it was... "Yes Sir," and "No Sir"... and "If it moves, salute it. If it doesn't move, paint it white."

I'd spent two years as an Airborne Motor Cycle Dispatch Rider attached to the 6th Airborne Division. In training, I had parachuted 13 times, each time with a different objective, mainly to create what was known as "beach-head" which was a "Command Post" for Operations.

The only time this happened was when we were "dropped" near Tel Aviv when my job was not to carry "dispatches" by an Airborne Motorcycle, but to jump out of a plane with a battery (for radio operators) strapped to my right leg - something I had never been assigned to do, but that didn't matter as I got ten minutes of training on the flight to Tel Aviv.

When I returned from Tel Aviv, I decided NEVER again to take ORDERS from anyone ever again. Car dealing was good business because of the "after the war shortage" but that didn't last long. Next best thing was SCRAP DEALING. Scrap was in demand.

All you had to do was FIND it, COLLECT it, and DELIVER it.

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NOTE: Ken passed away in 2015. He was one of the hardest-working men I've ever known and I'm so proud to call him my Dad.

He taught me a lot, growing up. His notion of recycling comes into play in my everyday life, even if it's only recycling cans, boxes, and bottles. Plus sheets of previously printed paper we use as notepads. Rest in peace, Dad. Love you.

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