MockupShots Brings Your Book to Life

A professional book cover mockup can drastically increase book sales. Rather than a flat 2D image, a realistic 3D rendering connects with readers and compels them to purchase and that's how MockupShots brings your book to life.

MockupShots makes creating mockups easy with its drag-and-drop interface. Simply upload your 2D cover design and choose from over 600 templates depicting books in various scenarios—held in someone's hands, sitting on a table, displayed on a website, etc.

MockupShots stands out for its one-time payment for lifetime access, free updates, a wide variety of mockups, and special seasonal templates. Members praise the huge selection and inspiration it provides for promoting books.

After you've created your flat 2D image, it's time to let MockupShots work its magic!

Use Mockups Everywhere

Use these special mockups everywhere:

  • Social media posts
  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Pop-up modals
  • Physical printed marketing materials

Mockups allow testing cover designs without printing physical copies. Quickly get feedback from your team.

Seeing a realistic rendering makes your book seem more tangible and desirable to readers. MockupShots empowers indie authors to skip expensive design fees and brings their books to life!

Importance of Realistic 3D Book Covers

Having a realistic 3D book cover is incredibly important for several key reasons:

Increased Sales Potential

A 3D mockup makes a book seem more real and tangible to potential readers. Rather than a flat image which could be perceived as amateurish, a 3D rendering establishes legitimacy and sparks the desire to pick up and flip through the book. This translates into increased clicks, shares, and sales.

Improved Brand Image

A high-quality 3D mockup aligns with a professional brand image as an author or publisher. It signifies production value and establishes you as a premium player rather than an amateur. This helps you stand out in a crowded market.

Social Proof

When shared on social media or landing pages, 3D mockups make it appear as though readers already have the book in their hands and are enjoying it. This social proof is powerful for driving conversions.

Testing Covers

Creating variations of 3D mockups makes testing cover designs simple and affordable. Quickly get feedback from your team without expensive test print runs. Finding the right cover is critical for sales.


With hundreds of mockup options and angles, you can showcase your book exactly how you envision it - on a bookshelf, desk, or tablet screen and tailor it for every promotion. Monthly seasonal templates help capture interest.

Overall, investing in a quality 3D mockup signals you are a serious, savvy author ready to compete with the top brands and bestsellers. It’s an easy way to elevate your image and drive more sales. Remember, MockupShops brings your book to life!

My "Make Your Own Dog Food" Cover!

Make Your Own Dog Food cover sitting on an office deskMy "Make Your Own Dog Food" cover used MockupShots to create this setting!

Everyone Judges a Book By its Cover and
MockupShots Brings Your Book to Life!

As readers, we do judge books by their covers, whether we like to admit it or not. A compelling book cover has immense power to draw readers in and spark interest in discovering what's inside. Here's why that judgment of the cover is so critical:

Makes a Strong First Impression

A book cover is the very first thing a potential reader sees. That first visual impression can determine if they pick the book up to read the summary or instead pass it by. Grabbing attention is step one towards making a sale.

Conveys Genre Instantly

An effective cover clearly establishes what genre the book falls into - romance, thriller, fantasy, memoir, etc. Readers have expectations for covers that align with the genre they prefer. Meeting those visual signifiers helps attract the target audience.

Indicates Production Quality

An amateurish cover signals the book itself may be of poor quality while a polished, professional design showcases that time and resources were invested into production. Readers trust that the content will be engaging.

Sparks Emotion and Intrigue

Great covers pique curiosity with bold colors and graphics. They pull you into the world of the book and make you wonder about the story inside. Covers should inspire readers to want to escape through those pages.

So as authors, we have to leverage the split second someone sees our book to convince them it's worth their time. That's why an eye-catching cover matched to the content is our most critical tool for turning browsers into buyers. We truly do judge books by their covers, so make yours stand out!

Plus, It Looks Like the Real Thing!

You can't beat seeing a book in someone's hands. It makes it "more real," like someone's already enjoying reading it. Add your image mock-ups to your social media content.
It'll make your readers want to get their hands on their own copy.

MockupShots by Adazing aren't the only mock-cover-creator software app out there. But like all my reviews on this site, I actually use the software.

But if I can't convince you to try MockupShots for yourself, here are five other places for mock-ups:

Smart Mockups
Media Modifier
Artboard Studio 
(Artboard Studio is not just mock-ups for books!)

Special Offer

MockupShots Bundle

For a limited time, get MockupShots at an unbelievable price with lifetime access and free updates. This special discounted link makes it affordable for any author’s budget.

Create as many different mockups as you want for each of your books! You're not limited to just one book...

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