iMAGINE Coloring Book Course

Unleash your creativity with Katharyne's iMAGINE coloring book course!

Coloring books have exploded in popularity over recent years, offering adults and children alike a relaxing, creative outlet that tickles the imagination. Developing truly unique, niche-targeted coloring books still poses challenges for aspiring authors and artists.

This is where the groundbreaking iMAGINE course by dynamic duo Katharyne Shelton and Isaac Gonzalez comes in – the definitive blueprint for leveraging leading-edge AI tools like Midjourney to unlock next-level coloring book creations tailored to in-demand topics.

Read on for an inside look at how iMAGINE guides you to coloring-book selling-success through AI-powered art generation and so much more.

Demystifying Midjourney – Your Creativity Unleashed

At the core of iMAGINE’s magic lies Midjourney, an AI system that generates stunning original images simply from text prompts. Think of it like having a virtual illustrator and creative advisor rolled into one that can manifest any scene, character, or concept you describe.

Yet many find Midjourney’s immense promise hindered by a steep learning curve. This is where iMAGINE delivers immense value, decoding Midjourney’s inner workings through beginner-friendly training on optimizing prompts to control styles, themes, colors, shapes, textures, and other artistic elements.

Learn How to Craft Prompts with Katharyne's
iMAGINE Coloring Book Course

You’ll learn how to craft prompts for gorgeous realistic portraits versus cutesy cartoon animals, dazzling abstract patterns or landscapes, sweeping fantasy vistas, and frightening horror scenes... if you can conceive it, Midjourney can create it on command! And Katharyne shares a plethora of styles.

But iMAGINE takes your skills even further by revealing targeted niches and popular themes guaranteed to captivate audiences, along with exact prompts for bringing these high-potential ideas to life just right for coloring – think scary skulls, dreamy moonlit forests, sassy mermaids and so much more.

You’ll unlock Midjourney’s full professional-grade capabilities for your own needs faster than imaginable.

Streamlining Image Enhancements with Exclusive Tools

Yet even with expert prompting, Midjourney’s raw AI-generated images often demand tweaking before you're fully satisfied with them and being print-ready. Rather than wrestle with manipulating images across multiple platforms, iMAGINE grants exclusive access to its proprietary Tangent Crystal software for fixing imperfections in a few clicks.

Tangent Crystal logo

With Tangent Crystal, you can say goodbye to jagged lines, faint lines, blotchiness, or fuzziness. With Tangent Crystal, you can fix images without any grainy or pixelated degradation. This allows for the resizing of images freely to any dimensions necessary for your printed books or merch without compromising their quality – and it's all included inside the iMAGINE coloring book course.

Yes, using Crystal Tangent ensures all your Midjourney-powered designs for your coloring book are crisp, sharp, and true-to-life right from home. Leave imperfections behind!

Comprehensive Guidance from Preparation to Publishing

While leveraging AI creativity through Midjourney and enhancing images with Tangent Crystal form the course’s foundation, iMAGINE goes far beyond to impart all the strategizing, planning, researching, writing, formatting, and publishing fundamentals critical for real-world success. Katharyne and Isaac have decades of experience and to be honest, I don't know when or if Katharyne ever sleeps. She goes above and beyond in everything she does.

You’ll discover her proven NEST formula for identifying winning themes and niches so your books resonate both creatively and commercially. Gain access to predictions and insights on burgeoning trends and markets so you always create relevant designs. Let's face it, spotting trends is difficult but Katharyne shares her tips on how and where to spot trends.

Learn tactics for crafting irresistible book descriptions and covers that complement your beautiful interior pages. Plus, tips for maximizing exposure and sales through smart keywords and categories when self-publishing online.

If you need a quick way to "build books," then consider using Katharyne's "Tangent Builder" which is available in their iMAGINE bundle. The bundle consists of the iMAGINE course, and Tangent Templates where the book-builder lives.

I must state here that every book cover I've ever created and uploaded to Amazon was with the assistance of the book cover template area inside of Tangent Templates. I never use any other book cover templates. They're always 100% spot-on accurate inside Tangent Templates.

With iMAGINE’s hands-on curriculum guiding your journey – complete with over-the-shoulder video walkthroughs, and a private community forum for advice – you’ll soon dominate the art of professional coloring book publishing like never before.

Did you know that Midjourney unlocks near-limitless creative possibilities, but iMAGINE shows you how to filter your ideas into books that fascinate readers providing them with hours of fun, which in turn adds to your bank balance.

The Future of Creativity is Here – It’s Time to
Get the iMAGINE Coloring Book Course and
Master Midjourney!

In an ever-evolving digital era, creative professionals, artists, authors, and entrepreneurs alike face immense pressure to keep their skills sharp amid lightning-fast AI advancements – and I'm one of them. Yet the smartest folk also see astounding opportunities – if they embrace change early.

With trailblazers like Katharyne and Isaac lighting the way through the frontier with iMAGINE – crystallizing the immense power of tools like Midjourney so anyone can channel them into amazing final products – the future looks brighter than ever!

So why stay stuck struggling to create coloring books manually and trying to come up with new designs? No need to wrestle with software, or follow outdated tactics in an AI-powered age where technology now does the heavy lifting for you!

If you’re ready to unlock staggering creative potential while building real business success, it’s time to seize the future with iMAGINE!

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