Living on Acreage
Experiences of a Former City Slicker

Living on

Experiences of a
Former City Slicker

Welcome to Living on Acreage!

Welcome to
Living on Acreage!

Adam Grandberg shares his former city slicker experiences with you in this book.

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Do you live on acreage? Have you daydreamed about living out here in the sticks? Have you looked at acreage to invest in, or to live on?

Country living is intriguing to many city folks, having wondered about it for decades. When I met my wife, I happily left city living behind. I didn't miss the traffic noise or the police sirens. I certainly didn't miss the noisy ambulances either as the hospital was only a block away from my apartment...

Living on Acreage describes the author’s happy (and sometimes frustrating) experiences of living on Florida acreage from the year 2001 to 2015.

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Living on Acreage Illustrated Book
is Divided into 5 Chapters:

Living on Acreage
Illustrated Book is
Divided into 5 Chapters:

The book is divided into five chapters.

Chapter 1 – Lifestyle – Enjoy these observations of a former “city slicker.” This introduction to the acreage experience provides observations that urbanites don’t have to contend with.

Chapter 2 – Visitors, Residents, Neighbors, and Critters – City residents have their share of pests and vermin. The author describes (with pictures) some of the common and not-so-common plants, animals, insects, and reptiles often found on acreage.

Chapter 3 – Resources – You’re not living in the city anymore, and “what you need” can be a long car- or truck drive away. Included are “words of wisdom” on how to live more independently than you did before.

Chapter 4 – Water, Water Everywhere – From lakes and drainage ditches to floods and hurricanes, the author relates how water resources are managed. Sometimes Mother Nature interferes with that work.

Chapter 5 – Land, Lots of Land (to Work) – From tools and machines that are “hiding in plain sight,” acreage provides opportunities. You can keep objects out of the public eye, but also the opportunity to store stuff keeps you plenty busy!

Living on Acreage Provides Room to Grow… and Mow

Living on Acreage Provides
Room to Grow… and Mow

As a side note, having acreage comes with the possibility (and responsibility!) of planting a garden full of delicious vegetables. See how to make a big compost pile (on Easy Food Dehydrating) that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, or require fancy machinery to operate.

Another positive reason to move to acreage is this: you can get a ride-on mower. The zero-turn models are fabulous once you get a hang of the two steering/propelling arms!

I fondly recall my first attempt at cutting grass.

What should have been a beautiful straight line of perfectly cut grass turned out to be a very large, unsightly z shape. I kept overcompensating with the steering arms. It was funny to watch (according to my wife).

Hey, if your purchase of land comes with an old tractor, read A Fortune In Scrap – Secrets of the Scrap Metal Industry, so you’ll know what to do with any scrap you find lying around!

NOTE from the wife:

Hey, Susan here. I loved cutting the grass! I did a bang-up job too, I don't mind saying. The thing is, I never wore ear plugs or wore a face mask. Those are two big NO NOs. You need to protect your hearing (I now suffer from tinnitus), and the mask is used to keep the grass particulates out of your lungs. Garden grass, not the other type of grass.

If you want to avoid getting "farmer's lung," wear a mask. You see, when cutting grass, tiny particles and debris fly up and contain microbes and fungi. Breathing this in triggers an allergic reaction - or inflammation - that gets worse with ongoing exposure. Farmer's lung can mimic pneumonia, and other symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, chills, chest tightness, and fever.

Use/wear an N95 or P100 respirator mask. They are certified for blocking organic vapors while mowing and they will significantly lower your chances of getting farmer's lung, or other respiratory diseases.

Thanks for stopping by "Living on Acreage" and I hope you'll pick up a copy of my hubby's book. He is really proud of it!

If you like the thought of peace and quiet, then country living is for you.

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