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Easy Food Dehydrating Audio Book

Susan's book teaches you how to STOP throwing away spoiled fruits and veggies and your hard-earned money down the drain. Dehydrate fruit and vegetables instead and serve up healthy treats that both you and your kids will enjoy!

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It's Easy... with Easy Food Dehydrating Audio Book!

It's Easy... with
Easy Food Dehydrating
Audio Book!

Learn about Nesco and Excalibur food dehydrators along with the FoodSaver vacuum-sealer machine. Discover how to use Vacuum-Sealer bags, Mylar bags, Oxygen Absorbers, and Plastic Bins and Buckets and how to safely store your dehydrated goodies.

Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage contains information on dehydrating, storing, and re-hydrating your foods. Also included are easy-to-make recipes the whole family will enjoy.

To close out the book, let's not forget why you should begin dehydrating food in these uncertain times - and how having dehydrated food on hand in emergency situations could just save your family's lives.

Easy Food Dehydrating is here to make sure
your family never runs short of food...

Easy Food Dehydrating
is here to make sure
your family never
runs short of food...

This Audiobook covers:

  • How to Dehydrate Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat in Six Simple Steps
  • Your Dehydrating Fruit and Veggie HQs
  • Dehydrating Pet Food
  • Make Your Own Dog Food
  • Oft-Missed Step: Conditioning Dehydrated Food
  • How to Store Dehydrated Food Safely
  • Food Dehydrators, the Excalibur and Nesco 'starter' models
  • FoodSaver brand Vacuum Sealer
  • Re-hydrating Food by putting the water back in!
  • Easy Dehydrated Food Recipes ~ Main meals, Desserts, and Extras!
  • Frequently Asked Questions - along with their answers
  • Why dehydrate food at all?

Thank you for listening, and happy dehydrating!

  • By: Susan Gast
  • Narrated by: Susan Gast
  • Length: 4 hrs and 44 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Categories: Home & Garden, Food & Wine

  • Ever Wondered HOW to Narrate An Audio Book?

    Ever Wondered HOW to
    Narrate An Audio Book?

    Watch this short video by Susan. She shares the secret to narrating an audiobook—with the help of Derek Doepker!

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