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Self-Publishing "How-To" Help

Best Midjourney Prompts

Can ChatGPT be Used Ethically for Content Creation?

Check for Plagiarism: Why You Need to Verify Content Originality

Convert a Kindle Vella Story to A Vellum eBook or Paperback

Create Outstanding Artistic Images With Midjourney

Does Self-Publishing Cost (a Lot of) Money?

iMAGINE Coloring Book Course Using Midjourney

How to Make a Green Screen for Videos

How to Upload a Kindle Vella Story to Amazon KDP Platform

How to Write a Prompt for AI: Put an End to Prompt Paralysis

How to Write Professional Midjourney Prompts

Narrate Your Own Audio Book

MockupShots Brings Your Book to Life

PinClicks  NEW!

Prompt Engineering Is Revolutionizing Content Creation

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly: Which One is Best for You?

QuickWrite AI for Authors

RankIQ is the Best Keyword Research and SEO Tool

Self-Publishing Copyright: What Authors Need To Know

Self-publishing on Amazon KDP: Maximize Royalties

Solo Build It Review: The Real Website Deal

Using AI in Content Creation

Vellum For eBooks And Paperback Publishing

Audio Books

Easy Food Dehydrating Audio Book

Quit Drinking Audio Book

Narrate Your Audio Book

Sobriety Help Books

Sobriety Help Books HUB PAGE

A New Sober You

Color Your Quips

Life's Better Sober

You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to

Food + Diet related Books

Food + Diet Books HUB PAGE

20 Taste-Tested Easy Recipes Containing Dehydrated Food

Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage

How to Dehydrate Food - Top 20 Topics - Over 225 Questions Answered

Make Your Own Dog Food

Outdoorsy Books

Outdoorsy Books HUB PAGE

A Fortune In Scrap

Living on Acreage

Puzzle Books for Adults + Kids!

Adult and Kids Puzzle Books HUB PAGE

for adults:

101 Codeword Puzzles

Arrow Word Puzzles

A-Z Easy Word Search Puzzles

Codeword Puzzles

Cryptogram Puzzles

Cryptogram Special Mix Puzzles

Shapely Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles

for kids:

Shapely Word Search Puzzles Kids

Word Search Puzzles with Word Definitions

Coloring Books

Adult and Kids Coloring Books HUB PAGE

Adult Coloring Book

Frightfully Fun - Halloween Coloring Book

Trick -or- Treat - Halloween Coloring Book

Pumpkin Patch - Halloween Coloring Book


Quotes and Journals Books HUB PAGE

365+ Daily Inspirational Quotes

Book Review Journal

Seasonal Books

Seasonal Puzzle Books HUB PAGE

140 Christmas Puzzles

40 Christmas Code Word Puzzles

66 Christmas Word Search Shapes

Just Sayin'...

Leg Cramps and Magnesium: What You Need to Know

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Author Susan Gast

Since 1980 Susan's involvement in publishing - in one form or another - led her to write "reviews" of apps and tools related to the publishing industry.

She realized it was time to explain how she published all her books and got them to market. To that end, she created this website to showcase her puzzle books and other fiction and non-fiction books she's written and produced since 2012. Read Susan's story here. Her newest blog venture is "DIY with SupaBees" and read how she got started with all things "home decor" here.

Susan has been featured on the Mother Earth News blog, and on Solo Build It (SBI). Read her first SBI interview and her second SBI interview. This site is hosted by the amazing team at Solo Build It!

Do you want to send Susan a quick message? Visit her contact page here. She'd love to hear from you!