Solo Build It Review:
A Complete Website Business Platform

Welcome to my Solo Build It review! I want to provide an in-depth look at why I believe Solo Build It (SBI) is the best platform for building a successful online business.

A Bit of Background

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I started my journey with SBI back in December 2010 (see my Easy Food Dehydrating website "about me" for more deets!). At the time, I was searching for an "easy way" to create a website, just like many others who simply Google "how to build a website for free." But I quickly realized you get what you pay for, and free options rarely deliver.

After more research, I discovered SBI. I was impressed that it offered an all-in-one solution for building sites, unlike the patchwork of plugins needed for platforms like WordPress. Over a decade later, I still use SBI for my website projects - and with good reason!

What Makes SBI a Great Choice?

SBI is designed specifically for building online businesses, not just basic websites. Its comprehensive set of integrated tools helps you research profitable niches, create content, optimize for search engines, track analytics, and ultimately monetize your site.

Some key advantages of SBI:

  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Affordable pricing
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop website builder
  • Sophisticated on-site SEO tools
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and forum
  • Regular platform updates and innovations

Additionally, SBI provides valuable step-by-step guidance in their Action Guide. This takes you through the full process of research, planning, content creation, publicity, and monetization - everything you need to build a successful site.

Everyday People

Getting Started with Solo Build It

The Standard SBI Plan costs either $34.99 per month or $329.99 per year when paying annually. Either way gives you access to all tools, features, and guidance mentioned above.

If you have an existing WordPress site and want to keep it with your current host, you can get Solo Build It for WordPress, too.

The WordPress Plan costs $19.99 monthly or $169.99 annually. As the name suggests, this option focuses specifically on using a Solo Build It plugin for your existing WordPress site.

Once signed up, SBI provides comprehensive support, including:

  • The SBI Welcome Letter – Details to get you up and running
  • The SBI Action Guide – Step-by-step walkthrough for beginners
  • A Fantastic Forum – Active community to ask questions
  • Keyword Tool Tour – Find profitable keywords and niches using BrainStormIt!
  • SBI Support Email – Get 1-on-1 email assistance
  • Includes domain name purchase and registration on Standard SBI Plan, automatically renewed yearly and is included with your plan.

Look, with this level of guidance, even those with minimal tech skills or online business experience can get started. I was one of those folks!

Choosing Your Niche

One of the first and most important steps with SBI is selecting your site's niche. The niche analysis process is made easy with SBI's Brainstorm It! tool.

Brainstorm It! lets you research and validate profitable niche ideas based on keyword demand and competition data. This takes much of the guesswork out of finding untapped opportunities.

The process also ensures you choose a niche you're genuinely passionate about. After all, you'll be immersed in the subject for months or years while building your authority site.

Building Your Site

With your niche selected, you can then start building out your SBI website with the user-friendly Site Builder tool called BlockBuilder2 (BB2).

BB2 offers dozens of professional desktop and mobile-ready templates through Site Designer and a drag-and-drop page-builder/editor to customize pages quickly.

No coding or design expertise needed! BB2 and Solo Build It handles all the technical stuff for you behind the scenes.

Introduction to Tai

AI robot

The latest major update to SBI is Tai - “Transformative AI”. This incorporates general artificial intelligence into the platform to assist with content creation.

As AI content generation is increasingly popular, Tai lets you tap into it seamlessly within SBI. Tai features components like:

  • Tai Guide - Teaches you to structure effective AI prompts
  • Prompt Build It - Takes you through prompt engineering
  • Boxchain - Edit output content

Tai Freestyle - Ask questions and get AI article suggestions
By integrating AI, SBI is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to website-building technology. Tai promises to be an invaluable asset for creating high-quality content more efficiently.

Monetizing Your Website

Monetizing your Website from eBook incomeCreated with Midjourney

When the time comes, SBI provides multiple options for monetizing your site, including:

  • Display advertising (Google AdSense)
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Selling your own digital products (eBooks, courses, etc.)
  • The SBI affiliate program

The options are flexible based on your niche and goals. And just like the site-building process, generating revenue can also be learned from SBI’s Action Guide.

Why I Recommend SBI

I’ve tried various website platforms over the past decade, but I always come back to SBI. Its combination of ease of use plus powerful built-in tools simply can’t be beaten. Add in exceptional customer support and constant innovation like Tai, and SBI is set apart from competitors like WordPress and Wix.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, I encourage you to explore SBI for your next online business. The investment is well worth it!

To learn more or get started, see Solo Build It here.

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