Welcome to Susan Gast -
(and AI fanatic!)

Welcome to
Susan Gast -

(and AI fanatic!)


Hello there! I'm Susan Gast - non-fiction author - with a passion for AI and all things tech. However, my journey began long before the era of artificial intelligence.

Since 2010, I've been glued to my chair, immersed in the world of writing, staring at countless computer screens, and occasionally feeling cross-eyed from the intense focus.

Why, you might ask? Well, my love for writing initially sparked my desire to have my very own website. And let me tell you, my website host, Solo Build It (AKA SBI), is top-notch. Setting up websites is exiting. But, of course, the real challenge lies in making them successful and viable.

In addition to my website endeavors, I've been busy creating a multitude of books since 2012. I simply can't get enough of bringing new creations to life!

This website serves as a dedicated hub for the non-fiction books I've published and made available for sale on Amazon.com under the name Author Susan Gast.

While you can certainly learn more about me by clicking HERE, I genuinely hope that you'll find the books listed below to be far more captivating and enticing.

Please check out the MENU item, Self-Publishing "How-To" where I'm adding content regarding how I managed to create all these books, and my trials and tribulations along the way.

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Susan Gast - Non-Fiction Author - Book Categories

Susan Gast - Non-Fiction Author
- Book Categories

Click on any of the grouped book covers on this page to learn more.

Clicking on the grouped book cover images takes you to their hub page. From there, you can select the book of your choice to learn more about it!

Adult + Kids Puzzle Books

Cryptograms, Codewords, Word Searches + More!

Adult + Kids Puzzle books

If you're into solving cryptograms, finding hidden words, or wracking your brain with code words, then you'll love my selection of puzzle books!

I have created these puzzle books for adults and kids alike.

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Adult + Kids Coloring Books

A Scary Trio of Halloween Coloring Books!

Coloring Books for Adults and Kids (where appropriate)

I also have stress-reducing coloring books called '66 Days to Sobriety' and an 'Adult Coloring Book' to help you relax and color your cares away!

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Quotes + Journals

Famous Quotes, Prompt Journals + More!

Quotes + Journals books

The ever-popular "365+ Quotes" and "Big Idea" books are for those who love to be - and often are - very inspired and need somewhere safe to write an idea down before it gets forgotten and drifts away!

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Scrap Recycling + Living on Acreage

Outdoorsy books

During my dad's time in the United Kingdom, he developed a strong passion for recycling. But he didn't stop at recycling plastic bottles and glass jars. His true expertise lay in demolishing old factories and tearing up old railway lines, including the sturdy 'sleepers.'

Engaging in such labor-intensive work brought him immense satisfaction. Eventually, he decided to share his vast knowledge and experiences with the world, leading him to write the captivating book, "A Fortune in Scrap." As his proud daughter, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to publish this remarkable book on his behalf with the help of my husband.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to live on a sprawling property, I have just the story for you. My husband, in his book, takes you through a thrilling narrative of our adventures while "Living on Acreage." From the never-ending challenges of mowing the grass and patching potholes in the driveway to dealing with the occasional bull chase, his book vividly depicts our unique experience of residing in a rural and secluded area.

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Seasonal Puzzle Books

Puzzle Books for Young and Old Alike.

Seasonal Puzzle books

As the Christmas holidays roll around - once a year, right on schedule! - you can enjoy my selection of holiday puzzle books featuring Word Searches, Codewords, or Word Search Shapes!

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Get Help with Your Alcohol Addiction.

Sobriety books

I am VERY proud of my Sobriety books. I quit the booze over 25 years ago ~ and it was the best decision ever (well, that and marrying my hubby!)

I then got busy and created four "quit-boozing" books shown above. I'm here to help!

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Food + Diet Related

Food and Diet Stuff for Humans and Dogs!

Food + Diet-Related books

I'm also a "professional dieter," having been on lots of diets in my life, and the diet that actually worked? It was Finally Keto! So I brag about that too and created a site just about it: finallyketo.com

My journey into writing books and creating websites all started with my desire to teach people how to Dehydrate Food. Hence the birth of my Easy Food Dehydrating website which is still running strong (since 2010!)

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Audio Books

I narrated two audiobooks - "You Can Quit Drinking" and "Easy Food Dehydrating" shown below - after setting up a home recording studio.

Building an amateur audiobook recording booth is simpler than you may think. I've included step-by-step instructions below the two audiobooks on how to soundproof your space, choose equipment like microphones and software, reduce background noise, and customize the setup to match your budget.

With an effective home studio in place, I was ready to give audiobook narration a try! I selected my first titles to record based on personal interest, aiming to help others through their relationship with alcohol abuse or explore dehydrating food at home.

The images below provide a sneak peek at the final products. I'm thrilled to have two published audiobooks under my belt after following the recording advice outlined here.

Have a passion project you've dreamed of narrating as an audiobook too? Grab what you need, convert a closet into a tidy oasis, and make it happen! The joys of hearing your work come to life in audio format make the effort profoundly rewarding.

You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to on Audible

I'm very proud to announce my very first audiobook. It's called, "You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to" and yes, it's about quitting the booze.

My habit lasted a little over two decades but you don't have to wait that long to quit drinking!

I haven't touched a drop since January 17, 1998, and this audiobook (and related eBooks and Paperbacks in the 'Sobriety Help' menu) covers the topic in detail. I'm here for you!

Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage on Audible

This is my second audiobook.

If you'd like to know how to safely store and dehydrate fresh or frozen foods, please check out this audiobook:
Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage

and it's available HERE!

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Ever Wondered HOW to Narrate Your Own Books?

I had an absolute blast creating my first two audiobooks. If you’ve ever considered trying your hand at audiobook narration, I highly recommend Derek Doepker's course Audiobooks Made Easy.

This was actually the first online program I’ve completed from start to finish - a testament to Derek’s simple yet comprehensive approach. The course covers everything you need to know, from setting up your home recording studio to editing techniques and distribution platforms.

With Derek’s expert guidance, I produced a high quality 6+ hour audiobook on my first attempt. Without the course, I would have struggled with technical settings, recording booth setup, and launching the finished product properly.

For those eager to dive in, Derek is offering 20% off the full Audiobooks Made Easy course for a limited time. So don’t miss out if you want to bring your book or passion project into the popular audiobook format - and have a blast along the way like I did!

Click Me for 20% OFF!

If you purchase Derek's Audiobooks Made Easy course through Susan's link, it means she will receive a commission. Thank you for your support.

Thanks for Stopping By!

Thank you for stopping by Susan Gast - Non-fiction Author. Read more about Susan on her "About" page.

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Susan Gast created this website to showcase her puzzle books and other fiction and non-fiction books she's written and produced since 2012. Read Susan's story here.

Since 1980, Susan's involvement in publishing - in one form or another - led her to create "reviews" of products related to the publishing industry. She realized it was time to explain how she created all those books and got them to market.

Since 2010, Susan has also owned and operated Easy Food Dehydrating where she is featured on the Mother Earth News blog, and on Solo Build It (SBI). Read her first SBI interview and her second SBI interview.

The sites mentioned are hosted by the amazing team at Solo Build It!

Do you want to send Susan a quick message? Visit her contact page here.

She'd love to hear from you!

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