101 Codeword Puzzles

Welcome to 101 Codeword Puzzles!

Welcome to
101 Codeword Puzzles!

Susan's book is designed especially for all of us codeword fanatics, and this collection has 101 medium-difficulty puzzles that are ready to test your brainpower. Each puzzle is crafted to challenge your problem-solving skills.

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To make your puzzle-solving experience even more enjoyable, Susan included helpful hints to assist you in getting started.

And here's a bonus: Make use of the convenient "cut-out bookmark" located at the back of the book. Say goodbye to dog-eared pages – now you can easily mark your spot without hassle.

If you're seeking more puzzling adventures in a comfortable and easy-to-read format, be sure to explore Susan's all-new Large Print 101 code-cracking Codeword puzzles.

This volume not only contains 101 medium-difficulty puzzles and their solutions but also provides "how-to-solve 'em" instructions and an entire page dedicated to helpful hints for when you find yourself stuck.

Unlike densely packed puzzle pages, Susan ensured that each Codeword puzzle had breathing space, allowing for better readability.

With one puzzle per page, you can focus on cracking codes without straining your eyes or squinting, thanks to the large print format.

Medium-Difficulty 101 CODEWORD Puzzles are here... don't be a Bored Boomer!

101 CODEWORD Puzzles
are here...
don't be a Bored Boomer!

101 Codeword Puzzles
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Keep your Brain Busy with 60 Challenging Code-Cracking Puzzles – Vols. 1 through 3

Keep your Brain Busy
with 60 Challenging
Code-Cracking Puzzles
Vols. 1 through 3

Additionally, Susan offers three volumes of Keep Your Brain Busy with 60 Challenging Code-Cracking Puzzles. These volumes are packed with 60 intricate puzzles each that are meant to engage and entertain.

Coming in at a comfortable 8" x 10" size, these Codeword puzzle books feature 128 pages of brain-teasing challenges. With ample space to solve each puzzle and convenient dimensions, these books are perfect for avid puzzlers.

While you buy your copy of Bored Boomers New Large Print Codeword Puzzles, consider giving the gift of codeword challenges to your friends who also share your love for these intriguing puzzles. Don't forget to tear out a page at the back of the book – Susan included two Bored Boomer Bookmarks, one for the "hints" page and another to effortlessly keep track of your progress.

For more information and to explore these three special Codeword puzzle books, click on the covers below to be redirected to Amazon. Alternatively, you can stay on this site and read detailed descriptions of each book by visiting our dedicated Codeword Puzzle page.

Happy puzzling with these captivating, brain-teasing Codeword puzzles!

60 Codeword Puzzles Large Print Vol 1
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60 Codeword Puzzles Large Print Vol 2
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60 Codeword Puzzles Large Print Vol 3
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Message from Susan about Codeword Puzzles:

“I absolutely LOVE solving codeword puzzles. Every night I solve a puzzle. The funny thing is: it relaxes me. You'd think solving puzzles would keep you awake, right?!”

She added, "Codeword puzzles look like a regular crossword puzzle. So what's the difference? Instead of verbal clues, you have numbers in each square. 

For example: Look for letters that repeat often, like an “E” for instance. If you decide that “18” is a likely contender for an “E”, then place a letter E in every square in the puzzle that contains the number “18.” Then enter an “E” in the box numbered “18” in the grid directly below the puzzle."

I wish you hours of code-cracking fun! Don't forget, there are three volumes out now. I'm getting requests to add more!

Fascinating History Behind Codeword Puzzles

Did you know that codeword puzzles, also known as Codebreakers or Code-Cracking puzzles, have a fascinating history that can be traced back to the early 20th century? These puzzles gained popularity and became a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts due to their unique and challenging nature.

I don't know the exact origin of codeword puzzles, but they share similarities with other word puzzles that involve code-breaking. Using coded letters or numbers to form words or phrases originated from secret codes and ciphers used in espionage and cryptography!

During World War II, code-breaking played a crucial role in military intelligence, and puzzles inspired by these wartime experiences surfaced. People found joy and fascination in attempting to decipher hidden messages and crack codes, leading to codeword puzzles as a recreational activity.

Codewords Can Be Traced Back to the 1930s

The earliest known published codeword puzzles can be traced back to the 1930s. Magazines, newspapers, and puzzle books began featuring these puzzles as entertainment. Over time, codeword puzzles became popular and a staple in puzzle publications worldwide.

The concept of codeword puzzles revolves around a grid of empty squares, each representing a letter. Instead of being given explicit clues, the solver is provided with a numerical code or key that corresponds to each letter. By using deductive reasoning and pattern recognition, solvers must decipher the hidden words or phrases by identifying the correct letter that corresponds to each number in the given clues.

A Unique Twist!

Susan's Codeword puzzles offer a unique twist compared to traditional crosswords or word searches. They combine elements of logic, deduction, and vocabulary skills, making them a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts who crave a challenge. These puzzles provide a mental workout and an opportunity to unleash problem-solving abilities in a fun and intriguing way.

Today, codeword puzzles continue to capture the imagination of puzzle enthusiasts worldwide. They can be enjoyed in various formats, including books, magazines, and online platforms. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned solver, tackling codeword puzzles offers a rewarding experience that tests your wits and keeps you entertained.

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