101 Codeword Puzzles

Welcome to 101 Codeword Puzzles!

 For code word fanatics: 101 (medium-difficulty) code word puzzles that are ready to challenge your brain! We’ve included helpful hints to help you get going. Don’t forget to use our “cut-out bookmark” at the back of the book—no more dog-eared pages …

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Treat yourself to our all-new Large Print 101 code-cracking Codeword puzzles containing—you guessed it—101 medium-difficulty puzzles and full solutions. Included are “how-to-solve ‘em” instructions … and a page devoted to “hints” if you get stuck. Our puzzles aren’t crammed together on the page; they have room to breathe with one easy-to-read puzzle per page!

If you’re wanting to keep your brain busy and are resigned to wearing glasses, we’ve got you covered with large print puzzles. No more squinting while solving these 101 codeword puzzles.

101 CODEWORD Puzzles
are here...
don't be a Bored Boomer!

101 Codeword Puzzles
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Keep your Brain Busy with 60 Challenging
Code-Cracking Puzzles – Vols. 1 through 3

Before I sign off, here are some extra codeword puzzles for codeword addicts out there. Click on the covers below to go get 'em on Amazon or go HERE to remain on this site to read more about these three special Codeword Puzzle books.

The Codeword Puzzles are a “just right” 8” x 10” comfy size with 128 pages!

While you get our Bored Boomers New Large Print Codeword Puzzles for yourself, don’t forget your friends who’d love their own copy too.

PS—At the back of our book, we want you to tear out a page. Why? We’ve included two Bored Boomer Bookmarks: one for the “hints” page, and the other bookmark is so you can easily keep track of where you are puzzle-wise—so you won’t lose your place!

Message from Susan about Codeword Puzzles:

“I absolutely LOVE solving codeword puzzles. Every night I solve a puzzle. Funny thing is: it relaxes me. You'd think solving puzzles would keep you awake, right?!”

She added, "Codeword puzzles look like a regular crossword puzzle. So what's the difference? Instead of verbal clues, you have numbers in each square.  For example: Look for letters that repeat often, like an “E” for instance. If you decide that “18” is a likely contender for an “E”, then place a letter E in every square in the puzzle that contains the number “18.” Then enter an “E” in the box numbered “18” in the grid directly below the puzzle."

I wish you hours of code-cracking fun! Don't forget, there are three volumes out now. I'm getting requests to add more!

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