Adult Coloring BOOK
Be a Kid Again! Relax ... enjoy hours of fun

Coloring BOOK

Be a Kid Again!
Relax ... enjoy
hours of fun

Welcome to this Adult Coloring Book!

Welcome to this
Adult Coloring Book!

NOPE. It doesn't have nudes in it!

But this is a coloring book for grownups.

It measures 8.5" x 11" and the images you color are on the right-hand side. This is to stop bleed-through, and so you can cut out the drawing and frame it!

Enjoy hours being a kid again!
Paint purple clouds and orange grass, who cares? It’s your book…

Enjoy hours being
a kid again!
Paint purple clouds
and orange grass,
who cares?
It’s your book…

Adult Coloring Book cover - relax and be a kid again
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All you need are colored pencils and/or crayons to create your masterpieces! As mentioned above, you have all your drawings on the right-hand side pages so you can cut them out and frame them!

Pencil Color "Tester Page" Included

We’ve included a “pencil color tester page” so you can see what your colors will be like with hard and soft strokes … and before coloring you’ll be able to see what creative color blends you can come up with.

There are simple designs along with more complex ones for when you want to show off.

INSIDE this Adult Coloring book:

Adult Coloring book:

If you’re looking to fill a spare hour or two, pick up our coloring book and be bored no more.

PS—At the back of our book, we want you to tear out a page. Why? We’ve included a Bored Boomer Bookmark so you can easily keep track of where you are — so you won’t lose your place! It’s our gift to you.

While you get a copy for yourself, don’t forget your friends who’d love their own copy too.

Adult Coloring Book front cover on a wooden floor
Adult Coloring Book back cover on a wooden floor
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How Coloring Helps Your Health

Here are a few key reasons why coloring books are said to provide health benefits:

  • Stress relief - The repetitive, low-key nature of coloring within lines is seen as a relaxing, calming activity that can lower stress and anxiety levels. The focus required helps distract from worries.
  • Promotes mindfulness - Coloring requires enough attention that it allows one to enter a state of mindfulness - being intentionally present and focused in the moment. This can enhance relaxation.
  • Motor skills - The physical motions of gripping a pencil and carefully moving it involve fine motor movements that help preserve coordination and dexterity, especially for older adults.
  • Brain activity - Concentrating on colors/patterns and coordinating where to place them engages areas of the brain related to focus, logic, recognition, and creativity. This helps exercise the mind.
  • Therapeutic value - Art therapy is an established field where creative activities can aid things like expressing feelings, self-awareness, coping skills for traumatic experiences, and regain a sense of self-accomplishment. Coloring fits within this as therapeutic art.

So in combination, coloring books have low barriers to entry while also giving enough cognitive/motor activity and creative self-expression to explain perceived benefits to mental and physical well-being. The relaxation often associated with it additionally brings health advantages to one's state of mind.

What If You Color Outside the Lines?

It doesn't matter if you color outside the lines when using an adult coloring book or coloring for therapeutic purposes. A few key points around this:

The act of coloring itself provides benefits to things like stress relief, relaxation, and practicing focus and fine motor skills. Staying neatly within the lines is not critical for these benefits. Many adult coloring books and therapists actually encourage coloring freely without worrying about perfect neatness inside the lines. This frees things up for more creativity and self-expression.

Therapists view the act of coloring as giving the mind a safe space to express feelings and process emotions. Messier coloring may provide more of the freedom to project feelings through artistic expression.

Anxiety, OCD, or Trauma

For conditions like anxiety, OCD or trauma, strict rules forcing neatness within the lines may reproduce harmful thought patterns. Encouragement to color differently can teach lessons of self-acceptance.

From an art therapy perspective, the creative process matters more than the end product. The goal is exploring oneself through the activity, rather than producing something to show off skillfulness, right?

So feel comfortable coloring either neatly or messily according to what suits your personal needs and goals. The therapeutic mindset is that the process brings benefits either way.

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