Pumpkin Patch
Halloween Coloring Book
For Kids of ALL Ages!

Pumpkin Patch
Coloring Book
For Kids of
ALL Ages!

Welcome to this Pumpkin Patch
Halloween coloring book page.

Welcome to this
Pumpkin Patch
coloring book page.

This is a coloring book for kids and grownups alike.

It measures 8.5" x 8.5" and the images you color are on the right-hand side and their reverse sides are black. This is to stop bleed-through, and so you can cut out the drawing and frame it!

Pumpkin Patch Halloween coloring book cover
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All you need are colored pencils and/or crayons to create your masterpieces!

As mentioned above, you have all your drawings on the right-hand side pages so you can cut them out and frame them!

See three sample coloring book pages below!

Pumpkin Patch sample 1
Pumpkin Patch sample 2
Pumpkin Patch sample 3

Pumpkin Patch Halloween Coloring Book


Get in the Halloween spirit all season long with this spooky and delightful "Pumpkin Patch" coloring book. Witches, skeletons, spiders, black cats, and pumpkins galore. Have fun this Halloween!

These pages are perfect for anyone who loves a little fright with their fun! 

Color in the intricate details and fun patterns - you'll love bringing these spooky illustrations to life with your favorite coloring tools. 

Kids and adults alike will enjoy unleashing their creativity on these spine-tingling pages. So grab your colored pencils and crayons to begin your wicked coloring adventure through this boo-tiful pumpkin patch today!

Inside this charming coloring book you'll find:

  • 35 original illustrations featuring your favorite Halloween themes
  • Single-sided printing with black on the backside so you can color without bleed-through
  • Suitable for colorists of all ages and skill levels
  • A fun activity for Halloween parties, schools, homes, and more

Illustrations range from simple to moderately complex for hours of engagement
8.5 x 8.5-inch pages that you can cut out and frame.

Unleash your creativity and inner spookiness. Get ready - stock up today for frightful family fun with this Halloween coloring book that's perfect for colorists whatever your age!

The whimsical illustrations and spooky themes will get you excited for Halloween or provide year-round fun. 

A great gift for kids and adults who love all things creepy and kooky!

Deets on All Hallows' Eve...

Halloween traces back over 2000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the transition from summer to the darker winter months on the pagan calendar.

The Celts, based in what is now Ireland, the UK, and northern France, celebrated their New Year on November 1st on Samhain Eve. It was regarded as a liminal time when the boundary between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest.

The mystical Druids lit large bonfires to drive away evil spirits who were active as the seasons changed. People dressed up in costumes to disguise themselves as harmful spirits were said to roam that night.

Turnips were hollowed out and carved with frightening faces to place outside homes for protection (now we know where the pumpkin tradition highly likely came from!).

Fortunes were told, games and feats of strength ensued, and of course stories were eagerly exchanged in the chilling darkness around crackling flames. It was a night when supernatural forces and the dead were thought able to mingle with the living as the natural order broke down temporarily.

When the Romans conquered Celtic lands, they brought along two autumn festivals that likely combined with the darker Celtic Samhain.

One was to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees which featured apple bobbing as a key game.

The second festival remembered the dead before Winter’s arrival which resonated with Samhain’s darker mythology.

Later in the 800s, Christianity moved in and merged Celtic folklore with All Saints’ Day on Nov. 1 and later with All Souls Day for remembrance. These celebrations likely shifted Samhain to the Oct. 31 slot we now know as Halloween.

My "Dark" Stomping Grounds Background

I was born in Preston, Lancashire and I heard stories about Pendle Hill:

Lancashire’s Pendle Hill has its own chilling tales infusing the Halloween atmospherics. With its arresting summit view and Bronze Age burial remains, it hosted pagan gatherings before Christianity took hold.

But it’s most known for the arrest and execution of 10 people accused of witchcraft in 1612. They lived in surrounding villages and were said to have congregated on hillsides to conduct magic rituals - likely remnants of ancient Samhain gatherings.

While there’s debate about the actual facts, the dramatic local lore still conjures a supernatural shiver fitting when the curtain is thin.

If you celebrate the season of All Hallows' Eve, what could be better than coloring the pages of Susan's Halloween Coloring books?

Check out the other two coloring books in this trio: Trick -or- Color and Frightfully Fun by clicking on their respective links.

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