Color Your Quips
66 Days to Sobriety Inspirational Journal

Color Your Quips
66 Days to Sobriety
Inspirational Journal

Welcome to Color Your Quips.

This inspirational Journal has pages of quips for you to color. Skip down to the bottom of this page and have a look at Day 28. Feel free to send me your colored pages—just take a photo of it and send it to and I'll be glad to show it off!

66 Days to Sobriety ~ Color Your Quips

I recognize just how hard it is to quit a bad habit

For most people, having a few drinks with friends was a pleasant way to ease the tensions of the day. However, for some folks, those few drinks turn into a habit. A really bad habit. With that in mind, Susan (herself a 20-year-plus sober veteran) created this stress-relieving coloring book of quips for you to color to help reinforce your new GOOD habit!

Also: When you have a pencil in your hand, it beats having a bottle of beer in your hand. I love to say that coloring keeps your 'ex-drinking hand' busy!

Susan suggests you use colored pencils. Don't forget to write messages to yourself on the left-hand side of the double-spread.

Color your quips provides reinforcement

Did you know it takes 66 days to get replace an old habit with a new one

It’s no longer the good old 28 days… and the longer you “stick” with something, the better your chances are of success. Makes sense, right?

But Why 66 Days?

According to a study conducted in London, England, 66 days is the median time-frame for a new habit to stick. So, to keep you inspired on your sobriety journey, we proudly present 66 Days to Sobriety Color Your Quips Inspirational Journal.

This 138-page inspirational journal of quips is lovingly compiled with fancy outline fonts for you to add your favorite makes-you-happy colors! Think of Susan’s daily quips as a reminder of your choice to kick your alcohol habit in the butt.

Inside the journal, we have the quip on the right-hand side for you to color, and on the left-hand side, you have a special place for “How I Feel Today” for you to jot down your thoughts for that day.

You can color both sides of the pages!

Now you can easily create colorful quips that remind you of your choice to get—and stay—sober. Here’s to a new sober you!

Color Your Quips example of a colored-in page