Enhance Your Pinterest Experience
with Tony Hill's App

Google's recent HCU algorithm update has left many website owners struggling to maintain their traffic levels. As a result, we're all searching for alternatives to Google to help us regain our lost traffic.

Top Pins area inside PinClicks

In my case, I've decided to revisit Pinterest as a potential solution. Pinterest and Flipboard are two social media platforms that are particularly blogger-friendly, allowing us to add images with outgoing links to our sites without any hassle.

PinClicks, a newly-released app by Pinterest aficionado Tony Hill, is adding extra features to enhance the Pinterest experience.

One such feature is the "Interest Explorer," which helps determine where and when an image should be shown based on Pinterest's 11 million official interests.

Interest Explorer area inside PinClicks

The app also includes a feature that makes it easy to discover the top pins, providing inspiration for styling your own pin images to compete with the best in the game.

Pin Stats area inside PinClicks

PinClicks offers a range of features, including TOP PINS, PIN STATS, an area to SAVE PINS, INTEREST EXPLORER, and KW RESEARCH, which I believe is the most important aspect of the app.

Keyword Research area inside PinClicks

In the following image, you see my Top Pins, sorted by Pin Score.

Keywords Top Pins area inside PinClicks

Here are my examples of the top Saved Pins, gleaned from the Keyword Research tool. Saved me hours of time doing it manually!

Saved Pins area inside PinClicks

Help Area with Video Tutorials

Help area inside PinClicks

Folks, I KNOW this is something you should seriously look into. There's something for everyone on Pinterest, so let's get the eyeballs back on your site and entice them with professional Pins that work - all with the help of PinClicks.

Try it out today for a free trial, and be prepared to be blown away by PinClicks like I am!

Tony's links are affiliate links, thank you!

You Can Use PinClicks alongside Pin Point Traffic...

UPDATE !!!!!

Pin Point Traffic

Tony's new course called "Pin Point Traffic" is out now, and until June 2nd, you can get it for a whopping $100 off (lifetime purchase, no monthly fee for the course). Read all about Pin Point Traffic here.

We're "done with Google." Get website visitors socially - the best way there is. Pinterest is blogger-friendly, keep that in mind. Go check out Tony Hill's new up-to-the-minute course, out now!

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