Prompt Engineering is
Revolutionizing Content Creation

This might just be the understatement of the year that prompt engineering is revolutionizing content creation... but what exactly is it?

Since AI zoomed into view in late 2022, it's all the rage.

And for good reason.

What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompting an Engineer?Prompting an Engineer?
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If you're wondering if prompt engineering is a case of prompting engineers to do stuff because they're forgetful - you're wrong!

However, it is a newly coined term that tackles the necessity to 'engineer' prompts that bring back content we can actually work with.

The growing interest surrounding the term: "prompt engineering" shines a light on why we need to step up our game! Generic prompts bring back generic content.

And that's no good. It's frustrating. I learned that the hard way.

Ask the Right Questions...

Patient parent teaching a childPatient parent teaching a child
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If you're curious about how to structure a prompt properly, for optimal results you're not alone.

Basically, prompt engineering is the art and science of asking questions or typing commands that generate the most-wanted responses from the likes of ChatGPT, Claude, Jasper, Tai, et al.

When you learn how to nudge AI into delivering you improved, personalized, and creative content - it's like teaching a child how to answer questions more appropriately.

Is that challenging? Yes, it is!

If you've used virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa, you've already witnessed prompt engineering at work.

These handy helpers listen and interpret our spoken requests and provide the best responses they can, based on the instructions we gave them.

Learn a New Language

Learning how to prompt is much like learning a new language - initially, it's overwhelming, but gradually the prompting becomes second nature as you start to understand the 'why' behind prompt engineering.

Keep an open mind and slog on through the learning curve and you'll find you're more than capable of becoming a proficient prompt engineer. I got my help through "Tai" which stands for Transformative AI.

"Tai" is being brought to you by my website host, Solo-Build-It! (SBI!), who very sagely knew that AI was the future.

Ken Evoy, CEO of SBI!, got his coders working day and night (for months on end) to create a way so that ordinary folks like you and me, could create content without the stress and anxiety of hitting that blank wall - and feeling crestfallen when the words just won't come.

Throughout the "Tai" teachings, Ken stresses, "Just add you." And in the post you're reading right now, I did just that.

Being Original...

Then I 'checked it' for AI-pap and Plagiarism over at (click the image above to go to and that's an affiliate link, so if you join I may receive a small commission - thanks!).

Why is Prompt Engineering Important?

At its core, prompt engineering constructs dialogue with AI. It tells AI models how to understand and respond to us with the aim of delivering content that helps writers get rid of writer's block... and to bring back relevant content that readers want to read.

My first attempt at writing a prompt wasn't overly fruitful, but I kept at it. Then I learned how to write a prompt properly using "Tai."

In all honesty: I'd been been
handed a magical key
that unlocked a
treasure trove of creativity
at my fingertips.
"Tai" blew me away!

The Future of AI...

Car on a road leaving a trail of dustCar on a road leaving a trail of dust
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I'm pretty darned sure that the future includes even more AI in our daily lives.

That being said, understanding and mastering the art of prompt engineering is something content creators should be increasingly aware of and getting increasingly better at.

If you don't learn how to "prompt like a pro," you're gonna get left behind in the dust. Ugh.

Is Prompt Engineering a Real Job?

Being a prompt engineer is indeed a real job. With the mass appeal that AI has garnered since early 2022 and the transformative impact it continues to make, it's a fascinating, promising career path.

Prompt engineering might be the ideal job for you if you are driven by creativity, with a passion for AI, and have a strong desire to deliver engaging content for yourself, or your boss.

Architect at workArchitect at work
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Just as architects design buildings, "prompt engineers" are working overtime to shape and steer our interactions with AI in a positive way.

They craft questions and commands, trying to predict - with some accuracy - AI's responses to our prompt questions, in an effort to create a dialogue that is understood by all.

Not an easy task. I've thumped my desk in disgust a few times when I'd NO CLUE what to ask, or include, in a prompt.

OK, much like you, prompt engineers are content creators, writers, and webmasters - intrigued by the prospects of AI.  I'm a "prompt-engineer in training." You can be too!

Does Prompt Engineering Require Coding?

Quick answer: No. And that's a great thing for me because I can't write code to save my life. I admire the heck out of those who can code.

On the other hand, folks are using AI-prompt engineering to help them write code! It speeds things up and ensures accuracy. Of course, there are those of us who ponder if bad things will happen with AI. I don't have an answer to that.

And that does make AI a tad scary, but only if you don't at least "try" to understand that it can be used for both good and nefarious reasons, (sadly).

It's up to the world writ large to use it "for the good of mankind." Don't be tempted to code bad stuff. If you do, I hope it comes back to bite you in the butt.

Where to Learn Prompt Engineering?

The Internet is teeming with resources to help you learn prompting.

Getting comfortable with AI and machine learning concepts is crucial. Websites like Coursera, edX, and Udacity offer educational resources to facilitate your learning.

Learn to Prompt Like a Pro with "Tai"

And there's Solo-Build-It! - the company that hosts my websites. I call SBI! the complete "business-in-a-box" - and get this - all SBI! users have access to "Tai" including WordPress users and non-SBI! users.

I was a beta tester and it's (very) good.

Is Prompt Engineering Here to Stay?

Regarding prompt engineering being here to stay: as of right now, all signs point to a resounding yes. AI isn't a passing fad - it's here to stay, (and has been with us for years - albeit unnoticed by most of us).

AI has been influencing our lives - and the world - by leading us into an increasingly tech-driven future. With that in mind, prompt engineering, a pivotal cog in the AI machinery, will undoubtedly continue playing its ultra-significant role.

Take the Job Leap Now...

Those concerned as to whether or not to take a real 'job leap' into 'prompt engineering' as a profession, might want to do it now, i.e. sooner rather than later.


Because AI and prompting are such a fascination to many, it means everyone (and his brother's uncle) is clamoring to learn how to prompt properly.

If you're the first out of the starting gate to provide help and guidance to others in a business setting who just don't have the time to learn, then of course there's a future for prompt engineers.

Bear in mind, that a lot depends on the complexity of the subject you're tackling.

  • Big business will have bigger demands, but
  • Small-time writers like myself just want a helping hand to get some words down on paper.

Again, I totally believe in the necessity of prompt engineering. It will profoundly transform how we all create, appreciate, and interact with content.

Remember, it's a transition - a change that we understand may - at times - leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused, and even a tad skeptical.

But talk about it being
a disruptive technology...

It's even better
than sliced bread.

Blue Leaf gif

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

That's what "Tai" with SBI! is achieving. Join us!

What's SO GREAT about "Tai" is that it steers you all the way through the six stages of prompting and never leaves you stranded. You simply cannot miss a step inside of "Prompt-Build-It! - it won't let you!

Mind. Blown.

As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate it!

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