Quit Drinking Audio Book

Quit Drinking
Audio Book

Welcome to my Quit Drinking Audio Book page.

Welcome to my
Quit Drinking
Audio Book page.

Every day, millions of Americans raise a glass as a celebratory toast to others. Or simply to get blitzed. It’s alcoholism. It’s a habit. And you can eradicate the bad habit. While many purport there is a ‘cure,’ I believe you certainly can live a normal, sober, productive life. I’m living proof. I’ll share my drinking love story with you.

You can quit drinking without willpower. How? Use Somatic Marker moments. It’s an easy way to quit drinking.

You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to on Audible
Buy Now on Audible - You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to
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You Can Quit Drinking… if you want to

An Easy Way to Quit Drinking - by 20+ Year Sober Veteran

You Can Quit Drinking…
if you want to

An Easy Way to Quit Drinking
by 20+ Year Sober Veteran

Quit Drinking Audio Book

This book is not a dry listen (pun intended). It’s fun, makes you think, and isn’t boring.

  • When you reach rock bottom, I’ll help you up
  • When you have ‘had enough,’ I’ll encourage you
  • When you want to make a lasting change, I’ll be here for you

My Quit Drinking Audio Book Takes You On a 66-day Self-Help Journey to Sobriety

My Can Quit Drinking Audio Book
Takes You On a 66-Day
Self-Help Journey to Sobriety

You will learn:

  • The top 9 signs of alcoholism
  • The 6 stages of alcoholism recovery
  • Somatic Markers, and how to use them
  • Which vitamins are essential for treatment
  • Side benefits of quitting alcohol
  • Comforting daily advice for a lasting recovery

This 66-Day audiobook is a ‘how-to’ and ‘daily guide,’ all in one. 

At each day's end, I will ask you to do the Conscience Check question: "Did you remain sober today?" Answer with a checkmark on a sheet of paper (that Susan explains how to set up) with either a "Yes" or "No". You'll visit Susan's helpful comments related to your answer.

You Can Quit Drinking... If You Want To  is written by a 20+ year Sober Veteran

Susan says, "I quit drinking. That means you can too. I was really addicted to alcohol. I beat it. Let me help you, too."

Consider this audiobook to be a "quit drinking alcohol aid".

©2022 Susan Gast (P)2022 Susan Gast

Buy Now on Audible - You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to
  • By: Susan Gast and Narrated by Susan Gast
  • Length: 6 hrs and 28 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Categories: Health & Wellness, Addiction & Recovery
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    Behind the Scenes

    Quitting alcohol is only as hard as you make it. The desire to QUIT must come from deep inside you. The need to quit has to be strong. If it's a "wishy-washy" type of "I'll quit tomorrow," then guess what? You won't quit.

    As mentioned at the top of the page, you have to reach "rock bottom" and that's a different place for different people for obvious reasons. My rock bottom won't be your rock bottom. I'd just "had enough" of waking up with hangovers, and spending the previous night getting drunk. It was like clockwork. It was a really bad habit.

    There was nothing wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with you either.

    You just have to make that decision to stop drinking. Your desire to quit has to be as strong a desire as a drowning man who needs air to breathe.

    The Good News

    Guess what? Quitting drinking is easier than going on a diet. Why? Because you MUST eat food to live. You do NOT need ALCOHOL to live. Bear that in mind.

    Quitting drinking, or any negative habit, is a double-edged sword - at the beginning. You come to the realization that you need to quit, then the panic attack occurs where you ALSO realize that you WON'T be "doing that" bad habit any more. Understand that it's just a panic attack - it's imaginary - it's NOT real - and that you CAN quit bad habits.

    I also quit biting my nails after a 20 year habit of doing so.

    We can do anything we put our minds to. So just put your "mind to" quitting booze. Trust me, you'll be ever so glad you did.

    Don't forget, Susan has a few more "quit boozing" books, namely:

    You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to
    Life's Better Sober by Susan Gast
    A New Sober You

    Visit their respective pages on this site by simply clicking on their links. Thanks for stopping by.

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