Why You Should Check for Plagiarism

After you've written your essay, blog post, or report, you should check for plagiarism. It can often be an accidental problem for writers.

This is why you should use a plagiarism-checking tool to avoid potential legal problems that may damage your reputation.

It's important to run your copy through a reputable tool so you can grow your business without fear.

Plagiarism checkers are online tools that help students, teachers, and authors to detect plagiarism in their work. Currently, I use to check my work.

Benefits of Using a Plagiarism Checking Tool

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Are you confident that you cited all the sources you used properly in those late, coffee-fueled hours?

What if you accidentally forget one or two? Does your paper really have a 0% plagiarism score?

EasyBib's plagiarism checker can help save your day. Address all of those questions in one quick check. How?

By using Easybib's plagiarism checker.

More on accidental plagiaristic paraphrasing:

"As another type of accidental plagiarism, you may not include in-text citations. This is extracting verbatim text from a source. Paraphrasing means taking the same idea but putting it in your own words. As always, it is important to always cite the origin of those ideas. Our plagiarism checkers alert you to what you need to correct."

The Proper Way to Cite Sources

Citing sources correctly is important to avoid plagiarism and ensure the integrity of your work. Blog sources use the MLA system, which stands for Modern Language Association.

It is most commonly used to write papers and cite sources within the liberal arts and humanities (and for long-form blog posts!). They say to quote your sources this way:

“Post Title.” Blog, Publisher (omit if same as blog name), Date, URL.

Using the MLA System is a Key Step

As you check for plagiarism, citing your sources with the MLA system is a key step in ensuring you avoid plagiarism and keep the integrity of your work.

When you check for plagiarism, it's good to know that many tools come with added benefits such as unlimited checks, improved scores, and free copy detection. With these tools, you can receive an exact legal report that's both comprehensive and reliable.

Investing in a premium version will even lead to better quality results for professionals. So don't steal others' work - use tools to improve the quality of yours!

Check for Plagiarism and Scan Text, Documents, and Websites Fast

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The tool you choose to use to check for plagiarism will scan text from different documents and websites, looking for matches between the words in your writing and those in other works.

This provides peace of mind that your work is original and prevents (or deters) plagiarism accusations.

What's the rather unpleasant alternative? Face potential penalties related to copyright infringement.

Check for Plagiarism... For Free

  • Plagiarism can have serious consequences for students, including failing a course, suspension, or even expulsion from school.
  • Plagiarizing others' work could lead to legal action and financial penalties for marketers and bloggers.
  • Plagiarism penalties for book authors can be severe.

Many of these tools that check for plagiarism are free or have an affordable premium version, giving you access to advanced and comprehensive detection capabilities.

These include instant checks, detailed reports, extensive research results, and reliable score evaluations that can determine the authenticity of your content quickly and effectively.

Select a tool with unlimited copy-checking ability to save time and get better results. Receive a secure report in just a few steps.

A plagiarism-checking tool should be in every writer's toolbox. Writers who need to check for plagiarism before submitting a paper, a blog post, or a non-fiction book should always run a plagiarism check. Myself included.

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Benefits of a SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Detector

SmallSEOTools has a free plagiarism checker you can use on their website. They state it is second to none because of its benefits for users.

They say we can improve our work to check for plagiarism by using SmallSEOTools' online plagiarism detector.

It includes advanced tools that provide an extensive list of copy-pasted material with detailed results within seconds.

SmallSEOTools provide reliable privacy protection. Its unlimited ability will keep you one step ahead of those who may try to steal your work.

So save yourself some time and trouble.

Use this tool to completely avoid plagiarism and safeguard your work!

Top 4 Plagiarism Checking Tools

  1. Grammarly: This is an advanced plagiarism checker that provides comprehensive and detailed reports with instant results. It helps you avoid stealing someone else's work by providing reliable and secure results. With Grammarly, you not only have an excellent grammar checker, but you can receive unlimited free checks - included in the premium version.

  2. Unicheck: Teachers and professors support this tool all over the world. With Unicheck, you can determine effective and extensive results in a professional manner. Improve your research paper for free with this extensive plagiarism checker!

  3. Plagiarisma: This is a free online plagiarism checker that will assist you in achieving better academic results. Select from a variety of tools to ensure that your work is always original and secure. Test your documents against this reliable plagiarism detection system and receive a detailed report of its authenticity.

  4. This new-to-market app will check for plagiarism and readability. Their main cause is to detect AI usage. They have recently added "Fact Checking" to their arsenal and I'm currently beta-testing it!

Copyscape: Tried, True, and Tested

Using Copyscape helps prevent accidental plagiarism and makes sure your work is truly yours.

It also offers tools to check entire websites for duplicate content and alert you when something doesn't look right. Using Copyscape gives you peace of mind knowing your written content is one-of-a-kind!

Copyleaks: User-Friendly Plagiarism Detector

Copyleaks has a user-friendly plagiarism checker, too. Spot unauthorized content, and eliminate it as soon as possible.

They run your content against their database of hundreds of millions of unique documents. The Anti-Plagiarism tool is simple and will return your results within seconds.

What is DeepSearch™ Technology?

DeepSearch™ Technology is an advanced plagiarism-checking tool created by Quetext that provides comprehensive results in an instant. They have both a free and a paid plan.

Quetext uses DeepSearch™ Technology to run your text through three key steps:

  1. Contextual Analysis
  2. Fuzzy Matching
  3. Conditional Scoring

Plagiarism's Effect on Bloggers, and Book Authors

Plagiarism is a big problem in the industry, and it can lead to serious legal problems for authors and bloggers. Fortunately, there are now plenty of tools to help check for plagiarism - so there's no excuse.

Before I go: Don't let all this scare you away from writing! Tackle your next project with gusto. Just let it all flow out. Hold nothing back. And when you're done? Check for plagiarism by running your copy through your favorite detector before posting content.

NOTE: Some AI-assisted writing tools on the market today include plagiarism checkers, like Jasper. It's important to find which companies offer it. Going a step further, it's also important to run your AI-assisted content through an AI-detector.

As mentioned earlier, boasts that their app not only checks for plagiarism, but also detects AI, ease of readability, and has a "Fact Checking Aid."

Fact-checking has come to light due to GAI hallucination. In other words, these AI-apps tend to "make stuff up" because they don't have the most recent facts. I read recently that "AI" is "caught up" to September 2021.

Thanks for spending time learning why we should check for plagiarism, and AI-detection if we're using AI-assistants. Honestly? That's even more reason to use a checker. When we write content off the top of our heads, we know we're not purposely plagiarizing someone, right? is my affiliate link and my "protector" of choice.

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