when inspiration hits, write it down!


when inspiration hits,
write it down!

Welcome to my BIG IDEA book.

Welcome to my
BIG IDEA book.

This 6" x 9" journal is a great way to get those ideas down on paper—when inspiration strikes!

your BIG IDEA book cover
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WRITE IT DOWN, so you'll never forget!

so you'll never forget!

It doesn't matter how old you are or how well you think you can remember things. When inspiration hits, you can bet your bottom dollar that if you don't write it down, it's gone. Try as you might to recall what the idea was, it's seldom recaptured fully.

Truth is? We ALL forget stuff. When that super idea pops into your brain... you'd better get the idea down on paper so it won't disappear.

You need this BIG IDEA book to jot it down so you DON'T forget!

When your next BIG IDEA hits you square in the face and you’re in bed, trying to sleep—make sure you have this journal!

Calling all Authors, Webmasters—in fact—ALL Creatives!

Calling all Authors, Webmasters
—in fact—ALL Creatives!

Do NOT trust your memory to recall your best inspirations! Instead, open your eyes, grab this journal, and jot it all down. (Then you can go back to sleep).

Seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve had great ideas and didn’t write them down. I was pretty darned sure I would remember the idea—in all its glory. And try as I might, the essence of it has gone forever when I try to conjure up the idea later on. Don’t let this happen to you!

INSIDE your BIG IDEA book:


I’ve created “find it fast” reference pages. Simply jot the “headline” of the idea down in the listing. Next, go to the (full size) page and write out your BIG IDEA in full.

Important Stuff you’ll be able to make a note of:

  • My BIG IDEA is
  • For what project?
  • Involves who?
  • For what website?
  • On what platform?
  • Do posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, others
  • Post topic
  • Keywords
  • Get it done by (date)
  • Run Ads? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, others
  • Additional notes

This book has been as handy as heck for me. I know it will be as “handy as heck” for you too!

This prompt journal will keep you going for a while with room for 132 of your best, brightest ideasthat you won’t forget!

On a desktop computer, simply click on any of the images below to see them bigger. To exit the 'gallery,' click on the lower right-hand 'CLOSE X' button. (If you're on your cell phone, simply hit the '<' back button to exit the gallery.)

The "find it fast" reference pages have been a tremendous help. I don't have to flick through page after page to find the super-duper thought that I'd written down.

It's RIGHT THERE, in the Reference area... along with the page number. That's why the above image on the right shows—near my fingertips—where the page numbers are located.

BONUS: 12 PROJECT “MIND MAPS” also included!

also included!

Buy Now on Amazon - your BIG IDEA book

Journal Size: 152 pages, 6″ x 9″ so you can put it in your purse,
briefcase, big coat pocket, or—sit it on your nightstand.

Journal Size: 152 pages,
6″ x 9″ so you can
put it in your purse,

briefcase, big coat pocket,
sit it on your nightstand.

When Does Inspiration Hit You?

There is no definitive "best time" to get inspiration that applies to everyone. Different people experience peak inspiration and creativity at different times of the day. However, here are some general observations:


Many people report feeling fresh thinking and new perspectives in the morning before distractions pile on. The morning quiet can spur creative insights.
Morning sunlight exposure helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle and can boost energy and mood to prime more inspiration.


For night owls, early afternoons may allow creative juices to start flowing after getting warmed up through daily activities.

Afternoons may work well for people who need a few hours of being awake for inspiration to hit its peak.


Later at night can be an inspirational time for night owls when they feel most alert.
Working memory and the ability to concentrate go down for most people at night. But this can allow more free, divergent thinking without editor influence.

In general, inspiration depends a lot on your personal bio-chronology (being a morning lark versus a night owl). It also relates to patterns in your own workflow, mood, energy levels, and thinking style at different times of day. The "best" time is often when your state of mind feels most clear and creative rather than constrained by expectations.

Whenever YOUR inspiration hits, be sure you have this book to write it down!

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