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Welcome to the Essential Daily Diary.

Welcome to the
Essential Daily Diary.

This 7" x 10" Daily Diary includes extra pages for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Remembrances, Christmas Cards, Gift-Giving and MORE!

... with plenty of room to write!

... with
plenty of room
to write!

Every year, since I was a kid, I took it upon myself to make sure my mom got her yearly diary. Over the decades, they got harder and harder to find and ridiculously expensive year over year, and ending up costing $45 each. WOW.

So what did I do? What any loving daughter would do—I made my own diary just for her. Mom then said I needed to share AND sell it on Amazon. She was right. So here it is!

my Essential Daily Diary
Buy Now on Amazon - my Essential Daily Diary

My Essential Daily Diary/Journal has two days devoted to each big page, providing plenty enough room to jot down stuff like “Where did I go?” and “What happened?”

Keep track of not only the day’s happenings but Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas Cards, and Gift-Giving too. Also included are special pages for the remembrance of loved ones passed, so we never forget them.

And yes, we have pages to write all your friends’ Contact Information. There are also pages for your Emergency Contacts.

7” x 10” just-the-right-size pages for a total of 217 pages.
While getting one for yourself, treat your friends to their own Essential Daily Diary too!

PS—We’ve got “leap year” covered.



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Here are a few photos taken from the actual diary, which measures 7" wide x 10" tall:

my Essential Daily Diary - Anniversaries
my Essential Daily Diary - Birthdays
my Essential Daily Diary - Friends
my Essential Daily Diary - Christmas Card list
my Essential Daily Diary - Christmas Gift list
Buy Now on Amazon - my Essential Daily Diary

A Tailored Diary? Yes!

Mom always said that there was never enough room to write in the smaller diaries.

I listened to the things she wanted, such as a place to write her friends' addresses and phone numbers; anniversary dates; and their birthdays. She also needed enough space to keep track of the Christmas cards and gifts she sent.

Pretty soon it evolved into the diary you see.

You can purchase another diary (year after year) as the year is not printed on it.

Reminder: It also includes leap year!

How Many Pages Per Section are There?

How Many Pages Per
Section are There?

  • 3 full pages for FRIENDS
  • 2 full pages for BIRTHDAYS
  • 1 full page for ANNIVERSARIES
  • 1 full page for REMEMBRANCES
  • 6 full pages for CHRISTMAS CARDS
  • 8 full pages for CHRISTMAS GIFTS

at the back of the diary is
a CUT OUT bookmark TOO!

It's bittersweet now.

Mom passed away on May 12, and that's why I picked this day of the diary
to show you the inside of the diary, in the image above.

Reasons For Using a Paperback Diary

There are some key advantages to using an old-fashioned paperback diary over keeping an online daily diary:

Privacy - A handwritten diary's contents stay off the internet and away from potential hacking/exploitation risks. There's comfort in tangible paper pages seen only by you.

Tangibility - Pen physically touching paper often feels more real. The kinesthetic act of writing by hand provides sensory feedback that typing can lack. Seeing your own handwriting logs a memory.

Focus - Sitting to write by hand averts digital distractions from dings/pops up. It provides almost a mini mental retreat to gather thoughts more meditatively.

Expression - Handwriting and doodling give more creative outlet options over typed words alone online. Pen options like colors and thickness add further dimensions.

Security - Paper content doesn't rely on electricity, WiFi, logins, devices, or backups. Words written are secured without ongoing technology dependence.

Looking Back - A stacked paper diary collection forming a memoir over months and years can feel more profoundly personal when perusing the physical original copies later on.

While digital diaries have quick search and backup advantages, the classic paperback journal still delivers a level of personal time capsule magic, creative options, and reassuring permanence that appeal to many diarists.

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