Go Raw Lose Weight
shed pounds & Inches

Go Raw
Lose Weight

shed pounds & Inches

Welcome to Go Raw Lose Weight.

With Go Raw Lose Weight, the author shed pounds and inches, effortlessly, deliciously, and healthfully… and you can do the same thing too.

If you’re fed up with toting the equivalent of a 40 lb bag of salt around, day after day, week after week, ask yourself this, “Why do I keep doing this to myself?”

Granted, the weight was gained slowly over time, so that 5 lb gain eventually grew to 40 lbs (or more). It’s like the old frog in the boiling water—why didn’t he leap out? He ended up being boiled to death. The frog just tolerated thewater, getting warmer and warmer… until… he died.

That’s what happens to weight gain. You gain and gain, and then one day—you’re sitting there feeling fat, dismayed, fed up, ashamed, and frightened.

Go Raw Lose Weight is Here!

Go Raw
Lose Weight is Here!

Go Raw Lose Weight

Go Raw and Ditch the Junk

Go Raw and
Ditch the Junk

Are YOU “sick and tired” of processed junk food? Are you looking for the “Fountain of Youth”?

Well, it’s been under our noses all along—growing in fields and orchards, and sold in the produce section of grocery stores!

raw food on forks, by registered Canva user

Once you get past the word “raw” and realize it’s all about eating fruit and vegetables in their natural state, you’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t “go raw sooner.” Better late than never, according to Susan!

She was sick and tired of gimmick diets, fast-food, and Yo-Yo dieting. She then discovered the tremendous benefits of “going raw.” In three short months, she eliminated her chronic ulcer and gallstone problems that had plagued her for over a decade. And the fantastic side-benefit? Effortless weight loss too!

With Go Raw Lose Weight, you’ll discover proper food combining and why the acid/alkalinity of the foods you eat is very important. A proper balance allows your over-worked digestive system to function properly; to promote greater overall health.

Use the author’s free “Psychological Tool” to rid yourself of cravings, and use the “Motivation & Mental Imagery” technique to keep you on-track to better health, and a slimmer, happier you!

Susan raves about Andrew Perlot—he was her salvation, after all! If she hadn’t found Andrew, she shudders to think of just how ill she would have eventually become.

Pick up a copy of Go Raw Lose Weight today, start feeling better tomorrow, and show off your new self this holiday season!

Topics Covered in Go Raw Lose Weight

Topics Covered in
Go Raw Lose Weight

❖ Unprocessed Raw Food Health Benefits

❖ Yes, you CAN eat fruit, and lots of it!

❖ “You are what you eat!”

❖ Raw Food, A Re-Introduction

❖ Dietary Fat & Glucose

❖ Weight Loss Psychology and Psychology Tool

❖ Motivation—You CAN Do It!

❖ Indigestion, Ulcers, and Gallstones

❖ Food Combining

❖ Acid-Alkaline Balance

❖ Fruit Ripening and Why It’s Important

❖ Obesity—A Growing Trend

❖ Lose Weight on an Unprocessed Raw Food Diet

❖ The 80-10-10 Magic Ratio

❖ Excuses, Excuses… What Are Yours?

❖ What NOT to eat!

❖ What CAN I eat?

❖ Diet Meal Examples

❖ Diet Food Substitution a No-No

❖ Menopause and Balloon Belly

❖ Ulcer and Gallstone Pains are G-O-N-E!

❖ Several Raw Food Weight Loss articles

❖ Frequently Asked Questions

Bottom Line: Susan just wants you to be “fit and well” and enjoy boundless energy. It’s such a blessing.

Go Raw Lose Weight eBook
Go Raw Lose Weight Paperback
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